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guess those people that worry about opponent frame drops affecting performance on their end better limit their matchups to only pc’s that hit benchmark


it will probably be fixed when the patch comes out on tuesday?


I really dont get the fuss… I mean, I do see that the game is bare bones… but most of you guys dont seem to understand that the game releases mid-february… march is MAXIMUM 6 weeks away (if we consider the possibility of the update releasing only at the end of march), best case scenario means the update comes in TWO WEEKS after the game got released.

Seriously guys, we’ve waited over a year. Now you finally get to play it and “cant wait” another few weeks for more content, which most of you will only touch once and never again bother with (trials?)


To the people having slowdown issues, try disabling your connection and see if it helps.

I say this because when I had MKX on XB1 the game would have fits where it would stutter like crazy when I was playing offline in story mode, just because the system was on a wifi connection and something was happening on the network. It might be a similar issue. Current gen consoles really aren’t the best things ever.


I wish I could have problems with slowdown. Oh well 2 days.


The problem is you payed 60$ for an incomplete game. By march those casual players that capcom targeted will be bored already.


Not sure if sarcastically pointing out there is no benchmark or way to filter players based on their PC specs or genuinely does not know.


Once again you’re missing the point, it’s not about us.

The game could literally be feces in a case and half the people posting in the thread would buy it.

The point is for the game to reach the players capcom has talked about reaching those features need to be in the game. New games give you the most incentive to buy them for multiple reasons and it’s hard for a game to surge in sales post release even with content updates.


YOU DONT UNLOCK ANY COLORS UNLESS YOU BEAT STAGE 30 in survival mode. what kinda shit is that? and thats the only way to get the colors too this game is really barebones and people WILL complain about it


Ironically, there is no arcade mode.


Yeah I don’t think this somehow makes their gameplan a great one.
Don’t get another chance at first impressions. Though I think to some degree this is changing.

I do think kids now are a lot more accepting of things being kinda busted and unfinished at release and then being patched over time.
Where as I am sure the overwhelming majority of us here (at least in our 20s, likely over 25) grew up without any patching and expect the game to be a full, fleshed out and finished product when we buy it.

So we might be a bit dated in our perspective. It seems more and more that the trend is to get the thing out the door as a functional game, get some kind of return on investment and continue development.


I think it would be great if they awarded double the Fight Money right now to get all the wannabe LPN’s super excited and then reset everything Monday night.


and bison is the final boss in Survival mode and he legit does Combos and CC combos,difficulty gets really hard after stage 15


Yeah, for better or worse that is how things are. Pros and cons to each side of course. Post launch support has been really strong for some games and have kept them alive and in the public eye FAR longer than normal. On the negative side you have companies that outright drop support and just sweep things under the rug after a certain time. (MKX for PC)


But those “filthy casuals” wont buy the game day 1, as we do …

the majority of those new “targeted” players havent even heard too much about sfv by now.
I have a friend my age and when I told him Im hyped about the new SF, he didnt even knew there was gonny be one, let alone coming out this february…
Once those casuals see the game in store and made their research if they want to buy it, the DLC may already be out …

And again, we’re talking about casuals, as in: people that dont come from the fighting game community. Most other games have this “buy barebones, get more stuff later” kind of thing going on, which means they already know this. It’s just the first time a fihting game has ever done it. And we’re freaking out. But EA is basically doing that for YEARS right now and their games bloom.

I’d say, dont worry too much.


I still don’t understand why people think Capcom did this while actually being worried about sales. If they were worried they wouldn’t have done this.

People worrying about Capcom for Capcom when they are like “we gonna sell any way and Capcom Cup for 6 MOAR YERAZ”


Picking up a ps4 today, is the beta still live, or am I out until release?


This ain’t the first game a fighter was released this bare bones. King of Fighters XII and Killer instinct were barebones releases. Former was sold at full price while not being a platform for a service.


Any Toronto boys, come to the burbs (Brampton). Our Flea Market has copies (going quickly).


Wait, it’s already OUT?? …da fuq…