Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"

  1. How does me liking Lili matter in the slightest in relation to my argument?
  2. How does Makoto not being in SFV detract from my argument?

I actually already know the answer. So in the same way that nothing I say matters to you, nothing you say matters to me. Good talk.


Lunakage is right.


Sign me on too. Seriously RLAAM, this got old sometime last week. You’ve literally done the same thing and have gotten nowhere; you are, by many accounts, insane.





Ingrid isn’t dead. And she’s pretty powerful.


Fuck Ingrid. Theres nothing to like gameplay wise in previous games. If you have fantasies with the character its cool but leave her out of SFV.


Q that doesn’t suck would make my life complete.


After playing SF4 today…I won’t miss playing it at all…I will miss seeing it as a spectator though

Fuck focus.


Please keep the Ingrid arguments to the character thread. We have enough headaches to deal with here.



On chat they said this:
This will take a few moments to research. I’ll be back with you shortly.
Thank you for waiting.
I am really sorry for the long hold.
I have successfully contacted with the manufacturer please be assure you will receive the item on "Tuesday, February 16, 2016 “
Please ignore previous email.”

So i tried to get them to give me the digital code for the 47.99 and they told me they are ready to ship and all they have to do is put in the shipping address and it will definitely come Tuesday.
If not they will compensate.

It doesnt make sense to me since i don’t think delivery companies work on Sunday so a 2 day shipping from a Monday would obviously be Wednesday.


Anyone got anything more solid on the Amazon delay? Like a screenshot of an email or something like that.


Damn I didn’t think anyone else on this board has seen that movie haha


Anyone who hasn’t aint no friend of mine.



It’s 2 days from now the thirst is pretty much gone.
But what if capcom, in like 2018-2020 added some more modes?

The base game should be the main focus 24/7 till at the earliest, 2018.


You mean to tell me there are people who are missing out on quintessential film making like this? THOSE LOSERS!!!


The day Ingrid is revealed will be the greatest day on SRK. The page count will double from all the salt.

I hope i never miss it.


Is it not strange that Kanye, a member of the Illuminati, is releasing his album with so many SFV ties in the same weekend the game drops?

Ryu 1. "Ultra Light Beams"
Dhalsim 2. “Father Stretch My Hands” Part 1
Dhalsim 3. “Father Stretch My Hands” Part 2
Karin 4. "Famous"
Laura 5. "Feedback"
R. Mika 6. "Low Lights"
Zangief 7. "High Lights"
Necalli 8. "Freestyle 4"
Birdie 9. "I Miss the Old Kanye"
Nash 10. "FML"
Cammy 11. “Real Friends” featuring Ty Dolla $ign
Vega 12. “Wolves” featuring Sia & Vic Mensa
Rashid 13. "Silver Surfer Intermission"
F.A.N.G 14. "30 Hours"
Ken 15. "No More Parties in L.A."
Chun-Li 16. "Facts"
M. Bison 17. “Fade”


No it isn’t strange. It’s all in your head.


What the fuck are you posting