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That’s because the game where she was supposed to be a main character of (Capcom Fighting All-Stars) never came out.

Interestingly enough, I do believe that she was designed by an ex-SNK artist - Senri Kita.


Interesting, never knew she was designed by an ex-SNK artist. Speaking of Fighting All Stars, I am sad that more gameplay or msic details never leaked about that thing. I was always super-curious as to learning more about the new characters and plot.


Good to know. I was dying to know when the next beta will be.

The odd thing is, just a little while ago, there were a lot of haters for people mentioning about Ingrid (you might of fallen victim to it.)

Now the train hype is getting there? I wanted her in SFV as well because the character in general had potential, but they just never got the chance to let her shine.

Meanwhile, some Alex photo is leaking out on twitter (EDIT: Fake)


I keep reading that it’s fake, but where is the Alex model in the picture from?


Didn’t a Japanese 3d artist make it as a concept piece?


Likely you’re thinking of this:


Which appears to be a reworking of this SFIV mod:


This Abel mod was created by PFunk right here on these very forums. Check his and other people’s work out in the SFIV modding thread visible here:

It contains very impressive work.


I’ve said for a while I’d like to see her in a CvS3 game and have her face off with Athena as her Rival. Not like CVS has any continuity of character choice, it’s not SFvKOF entirely. There are Samurai Shodown chars and even the infamous Morrigan Sprite.

The other thing, which you touch on, she wasn’t supposed to ever be a street fighter character in the first place. It was just a way to reuse her design. They should have stuck her as a unique to Capcom Fighting Jam character and never ported her to Alpha 3 Max to pad out the cast.


Are we absolutely sure that Alex Pic is fake ?


Not saying any names, but alright, i get it, i get… it…

But anyways, since Ingrids now cool despite me getting bashed before, what about Skullomania? (or whatever his name is) He’s one of the only characters I have never played, heard, or seen besides pictures, haven’t even seen game play of him (I will do that now) he looks so dumb.

OMG ARE YOU FOR REALS!? I HAD NO IDEA THE EX SERIES EXISTED, what the heck! I always thought EX was the Japanese version of the Alpha series, like EX Zero, or something, wow.


From what I remember from Skullomania, he felt like a bad version of El Fuerte. He was more solid in neutral compared to El Fuerte, but most, if not, all of his special moves are pretty unsafe. He felt gimmicky, and his gimmick moments were not threatening.


I don’t like ingrid or mika or skullomamamia. We need better character with cool and original designs. Ken and Akuma, capcom pliz.


Oh yeah, and the reversal/auto correct window is huge in the game right now. Unwanted specials because of negative edge + buffer is still a pain.

Oh yes and that “you start in the corner you ended” shit is so much disturbing it has to go out.


By god I hope i’m getting trolled. If it was up to you to decide the cast members we would have SFV Shotopalooza Edition.


That Alex picture might be a fake, but have you guys seen the new Urien one? I already checked and it’s not made by the same artist.


I’m 100% certain that it’s real.


I’m loving the redesign. That massive aura he has.


Agreed. I’m just happy that Capcom decided to add a jiggle effect to his crotch like what they did with Chun Li’s glitch tits.


He might just be standing over the aegis reflector.


Obviously fake. Aegis is the wrong color.


smh this is obviously fake. he just took the art from sf3 online (you can check it if you dont believe me) and pasted it onto sf5

yall some dumb motherfuckers for believeing it.


You’re right. I thought Chun looked little weird in that screenshot. Good eye.