Street Fighter V needs less characters and more variety

OK maybe I got carried away with Makoto but really, Gen is not a viable character because his Oga kicks aren’t very good, his other special moves are not innovative at all (roll = Vega’s roll, has an old man’s version of hundred hand slap, his anti-air you work harder because you have to time the hits). I don’t understand why Sagat exists. Sure, he trades mobility for more powerful fireball game but really, it’s not enough. I think he’s only in the game because he’s in every other game as well.

An amazing troll display. I gotta hand it to the OP, he almost makes it sound like he’s being serious.

I dunno what it is. Every forum, for any game, everyone thinks I’m trolling. Are my ideas too radical? This is a discussion after all. I just wanted to hear constructive criticism of why this would be a bad idea, not for everyone to sheep and call me a troll when they know that I’m being serious.


This statement: Makoto - (Stupid normal, slow walk speed, insane dash speed but I see no reason why anyone would use Makoto over other characters).

is not a troll? What does “stupid normal” mean? Maybe if you watched a Makoto match you’d have an idea why people would use her.

I said I wasn’t being serious with the Makoto one.

Don’t forget Seth, what were they thinking? Ryu with a walljump and an SPD, clearly going to be a balance issue.

If you read the posts on here you’d find my answer to that. Geez, some people just seem to have completely skipped some things and only taken some of the things I’ve said out of context.

This is stupid, and you’re stupid for suggesting it

Sorry I didn’t read the posts because it’s impossible to take you seriously. I just hopped in and threw a one-liner in trying to fit in. Baaaaaa

This post tells me nothing. I want to hear actual reasons and counter-arguments, not just insults

Here’s your counterargument: every character is unique and can do things other characters can’t.

We’re thinking you’re a troll because you seem to not even know the special moves the characters have. Sakura and Ryu are somehow identical? Have you ever played them? Oni is somehow a copy of Akuma? There’s only two moves they have that are even remotely alike. Well three if you count hadokens.

It sounds like you just barely know how to do special moves and have not actually ever played or watched the characters you talk about being played properly.

If you read my post (and ignored all the suggestions below it) you’ll have a better understanding. Those were just examples. What I’m basically saying is that Oni is not very popular or bring anything new to the game, and his character design is similar to Akuma’s (infact, he IS Akuma). Having too many characters creates a large divide and makes it harder for Capcom to distinguish between which characters to include in a future instalment due to the wide spread. If they focused on a smaller selection of characters and refined them it would be better. That’s all I was suggesting, and gave some examples (which inevitably many would disagree with) of certain commonalities. But most people here just read the character name and the bit in parenthesis and ignored everything else and call me a troll. Typical sheep.

It’s not about whether characters are identical. It’s a matter of degree. If Capcom created a new Ryu (called SFxT Ryu) and all they did was add the donkey kick, would you call that a new character? After all, it’s so “unique” because it can do something other characters can’t.

Threw that idea out the window pretty much immediately huh?

Do u know anything bout Oni? He brings an air dash into the game, and has other completely unique specials and command normals.

Anyways it is stupid to complain about characters already in the game, Capcom isn’t going to remove any character.

Yeah I was kinda trolling with that one to be honest. I’ve played thousands of matches online, and have never come across a Ken that wasn’t nooby or predictable. Ever. Just my experience. And it’s the only character this has occurred with.

Perhaps I chose an inappropriate title. I was more meaning “why are these characters in the game” and “which characters NOT to include in future games” rather than actively removing characters. My bad.

Oh and if 99 percent of Ken players being noobs is a reason to not include him then we should remove Ryu too. Hell, remove the whole damn roster. Except Makoto because all of her players are cerebral assassins Kappa