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Fight cards.

Power levels.

Animated version

Animated version

Animated version

Animated version


Playable demo at Gamergy in Madrid, Spain:


Ono Twitter this AM:


Shamelessly stolen from Reddit and E.Hubs

[] V-Trigger is now your Ultra, Alpha/SF4 style supers but now renamed “Critical Arts”.
] Newly announced V-Skill, Ryu has a parry (maybe only physical attacks) and Dictator has a projectile reflect/parry
[*] London (King’s Cross Station)


New mechanic: “V-Skill” “Critical Arts” along with a new stage: London. Specifically, the stage is called "King’s Cross Station."


A glimpse of the new stage UK “King’s Cross Station.”



Our own Zerochan’s write up about the game.


Move list for the 4 chars we have

Japanese version of trailer for those curious



IGN gathered everything that is to know about the game system and the chars in this one page:

And one video:


News about the netcode “Kagemusha”


Gameplay video from Probably the best looking gameplay video we’ve seen so far.

Nothing new. This was already reported on in the SRK article.


E3 trailer


SF5 beta launches on july 23rd…




New screenshots.


Cammy and Birdie’s movelists and critiques in SFV