Street Fighter V Online with Gief. High level matches against Top rank players

Street Fighter V Online Matches. I’ll be uploading these every time I go online.

Anyone can hit me up to play and get matches in. I main Gief and my rank is Platinum. - Bum163 [Gief] vs Joey900 [Mika]. - Bum163 [Gief] vs FlashMetroid [Vega] - Bum163 [Gief] vs CoryBell [Gief] - Bum163 [Gief] vs Hoji [Ryu] - Bum163 [Gief] vs CmPunkDAGod [Karin]

Add me on facebook and also check me on out my stream -

Are you Bum as in the House of Bum -Haggar extraordinaire?