Street Fighter V "Premium Costumes"


Has there been any news on the premium costumes. I thought they were available in the store but now its only the story mode costumes. I’m really curious about these because there are some really really good ones.


Premium costumes cost real money and can only be bought with Zenny. The Zenny part of the story is still development.


It’s true, we will have to wait until they implement the Zenny.

A kick in the nuts i know. I really wanted Cammy’s premium costume,its very good.Problem is ,the way they phrased the info regarding the Zenny update leaves us to think that it might / will take at least one more month until it’s ready,because they said Alex and future DLC characters will be free to play until they add the Zenny.



I believe Season Pass owners should have them already though.


oh ok. I didn’t realize they were only available with real money. darn! Thanks guys.


LOL - we dont…
just Alex premium alt with the long hair and shorts


If season pass owners would also get the premium costumes for Cammy, Ryu,Chun, Bison i would buy it right now.It would be a good move by Capcom if they added these costumes.

I won’t be buying the season pass because i dislike spending money on something that i have no clue how it looks or plays.


Season Pass owners only get premium costumes for the new characters.