Street Fighter V PS4 Community


As many of you know the PS4 had an update today which allows people to create communities for specific games or topics. I haven’t come across a SFV community so created a Shoryuken community for SFV. To join send me a pm with your PSN gamer tag and I’ll add you to the PSN community by inviting you to that group via PSN.

You can turn over ownership of the group and will be happy to do so once a senior SHO member joins the group. I just thought that with every other game and forum having a group we should to. By the way if you haven’t checked out communities on PS4 you should. They are kinda epic and useful!

SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

Add me up.

PSN is unityd3v


I’d like to try this. My psn is Devilstar22