Street Fighter V Review Embargo

OpenCritic just posted the review embargo for Street Fighter V.

Thanks for this. Interested in what folks think. I’m really waiting to see what Gamespot says. Not my favorite site by any means but they’re usually super critical.

I could care less i never trust review’s or reviewers anyway and like to form my own unbiased opinion , however i wish i did when i paid full price for The Order.

I have the feeling it will be massacred due to the barebone content. I could be wrong.

The game is in embargo mode? I got my copy since Wednesday. Lol. Man the game feels so different to SF4.

time to bust the embargo


Time to go back to MKX and KI. Reviewers will turn this into SFxT 2. Make your time.

Nothing new. Almost every game these days has an embargo.

I did MKX’s review for SRK and there was a similar embargo as well.

Embargos are common, but what also seems to be common is that if a company does not have confidence in a game, they will embargo the reviews until release day, or after, in the worst cases.

SF4 wasn’t.

SF4 had an arcade mode.

SF4 was in 2009

SFIV on console also had 25 characters, trials, time attack, proper arcade mode with opening and ending movies etc. SFV in its current state is more like SFIV Arcade…

I feel it may be massacred because of the lack of any standard in the visual presentation department and low quality of the barebone content. The main thing for visuals of a fighter are main characters and stages. The main characters are decent, other than the shit texture shader that is really obvious on PS4, and the stages look like PS2 era at best. That’s pretty unacceptable for a 1v1 fighter, especially one held in such high regards, when we’re in a new fighting game renaissance where even lil indies can come out of nowhere and put together quality work in these areas.

That makes sense though, considering around the time SF4 would have gone to arcades is when SFV is shooting straight to PS4/PC. Right when it was around 16 characters. So, all that time it had to grow and be balanced in arcades before being wrapped up nicely for consoles, is now gonna be done after launch. So, again, we’re basically gonna be on a beta still for a bit.

yeah lemme just go back to my PC version of MKX

aw shit

… So how did the reviewers review other Street Fighter/ Fighting Games? I need to be prepared for the possibly negative reviews.

4players (pretty much the most know German website for reviews) said in their SFV preview that the game will probably get something above 85%.

They rate Fighting Games mostly in terms of netcode and gameplay, they don’t care a lot for the singleplayer content. And this is how everyone should review Fighting Games imo.

Because we don’t watch a porn for the story.

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like I lied. They gave Killer Instinct 60%, lol.

Yup, in their conclusion, they pointed out the lack of initial content.

It just seems so strange that an embargo was put in place until the day prior to release, heck in the UK that will be 4pm. Surely they would want to build the hype the week leading up to release?