Street Fighter V sales thread... Serious discussion please

Well currently it doesn’t seem to good for SF V sales in Europe and in JP either compared to SF IV… The reviews cuz of the content aren’t “that good” while user reviews all over the place are destroying the game. Some of them are just ignorant but it still is there with people reading it.

And now to the discussion… How will this effect the future of SF V? I know some of you think it doesn’t matter cuz casuals and we will have more content coming soon, but actually it does matter a lot for the future of the franchise. Casuals are important, whoever says otherwise don’t want to see the truth.

Not all oeople won’t buy the game half a year later just because a story mode is included… So what can CAPCOM can do now? I’m in love with this game, while I still can see some people bash it for some good reasons… But I don’t want it to die too soon. Will the game have legs enough? Will Capcom rerelease it with a “new” version while we “old” ones will get all the free updates as well?

While I know Mortal Kombat is a big franchise and it sells really well, I can’t believe that Street Fighter can’t do the same. Soon enough we have Tekken 7 out as well.

So please discuss with me about it?

Where is the European sales data?

Street Fighter IV had the jump from 2D to 3D and basically was a resurgence of the franchise. You aren’t going to see Street Fighter IV numbers again. With that said, Capcom still failed to realize the importance of the casual audience and butchered their launch.

Who knows, maybe Sony didn’t give them the money to delay the game, which would suck, but it would explain why they released the game piecemeal.

So far UK “only”. But UK is one of the 2 biggest markets and it still done way less than SF IV on just the PS3.

And here the charts comparing

You all cna say that a lot of people just go digital. But it never will be closing the gap. In Germany for example th game is already down in price and the stock is full.

At amazon charts it went down big times… The user reviews are destroying the game.

In JP the game in it’s first week it only sold 41,990

well for capcom it’s a bit late to think about this problem now. the only thing they can do is to keep up the support for the game and create new content as long as it makes sense and try to get the news about the development of the game out into the world so maybe people who are now disappointed by all the negative feedback will pick it up later if they see that the game has a lot to offer and an active player pool.

Yea first week is done… Follow the game plan…

Capcom is in this game for the long run regardless. How many ps4 compared to ps3s on the market around the same time? Also PC sales are a big factor this time. Let’s wait until the rest of the world projections are up.

We can hope a lot of magazines will rereview it later on.

And as I said… I can see them releasing a “Super” Street Fighter V or whatever later on for people who don’t read news about updates saying that everything has more content now.

We “old” buyers will still get all upfates for free after all

It’s out of Steams top games as well and the reviews there are really bad as well… And now seriously. Of course it is for the long run.

But do you expect the MAJOR publick caring about updates and news for the game half a year later with new games around. Most people don#t even read the news. They will simply look at user reviews and that’s it. At discount they maybe will buy it.

But to to say with updates mroe people will buy it… Well I doubt it

Pubs have no issue with requiring massive downloads, so I don’t see a re-release happening for quite some time. Releasing a year earlier than SF4, compared to console launch date. And nobody cares about the PC version it seems, but SteamSpy says over 100k owners.

Game seems still born… not much lobbies…not much people in ranked. Feels like sales are worse then most poverty fighters…most poverty have more content. .

I agree… And I simply can’t understand it. The game has so much potential and the gameplay for “pros” as for “casuals” is so damn outstanding compared to other fighters.

I just hope that it won’t end a sad story as III. An absolutely outstanding game but “ignored” by a lot.

Instead we have to see people buy MK or Smash (awesome games)

The people comparing SFIV sales to SFV sales need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. SFV launched on fewer platforms
  2. SFIV launched at a time when the fighting game market was a lot less crowded
  3. SFIV launched ~9 years after the previous Street Fighter release (3rd Strike); the gap between Ultra IV and V was much, much smaller

Add these up and, well, duh, of course SFV was going to sell fewer copies. That doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

Activision reported earnings recently and over 40% of their revenues this year were generated via digital sales. Capcom would like a bigger piece of that pie and SFV is part of that plan. So how is SFV doing? Nobody will truly know until down the road.

There were hardly any opponents the last couple of days who are clearly new to the game, judging by the playstyle. Somehow it looks like the new players are already running off. No single stuff to speak of, and online they are either getting destroyed or ragequited on. The lags, matchmaking and general nonsense still doesn’t seem to be solved. What a way to blow up a release…

Please the original SF IV wasn’t on PC. PS 4 sales in EUROPE and JP, current sale datas, are way above Xbox One. PS3 and 360 were much closer.

And I do not ignore digital sales. But look at MK x physical sales. It came out even earlier than SF V compared to IV…

Capcom has no one else to blame but themselves and their poor decision making. Honestly, I’d rather have someone else handle the Street Fighter franchise at this point like Aksys. I’m a street fighter fanatic and I love how this game plays…never got into 4, so for me to say its a shame it really is. I haven’t had a solid connection since day one and i’m hardwired with blazing fast internet. Takes forever to get an online battle and when you do it’s choppy as hell even with 4 to 5 bars. Not to mention rage quitters.

There is no reason to play this game right now unless you enjoy training mode forever or have friends who can play at your house.

I’m sorry but Capcom completely fucked up big time and I don’t forsee this game assisting in us getting more fighters from Capcom anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom stagnates SF5’s content after season 1 if not permanently.

That being said…there are people like me who paid the full 60 bucks and 30 for season pass…perhaps Capcom can sucker more people into buying useless things from their online SF5 shop to make up the difference.

I really want this game to do well but I’m losing my patience and just one one decent game online.

I can see this already happening. There’s so much people following reviews and SFIV nailed it in that part. If critics and anger of casual videogamer didn’t happen, they would continue how it was planned originally… Super edition would be Capcom’s best option for damage control but even that can cause backlash after they announced they wouldn’t do it.

Before lunch SF5 receive good reviews from reviewers, but once people finally receive the game they realize the game is lacking content. Capcom could have avoided all the bad reviews from amazon, steam and customers if they had waited until they have a complete game.

People expect way more now with gg bb nrs games providing real content story n arcade wise…who would expect them to think they would get all the moneyz on releasing sf5 in beta mode for 60 $

I blame kens man bun

Wow. Those numbers are terrible.