[Street FIghter V Steam] Does the video settings and resolution affect the gameplay?

Hi, so i recently purchased street fighter v on steam, however my pc can’t handle max settings, i get some fps drops and some special abilities cause lag. as far as a i know street fighter iv was capped to 60fps is street fighter v the same? also when i was playing usfv on steam as well, why does my fps go to 140~ when it is capped to 60fps? is that the real fps? does video settings affect the gameplay (inputs and executions) as long as you get a minimum fps of 60?

Fighting games are always 60 fps and need to be a solid 60 fps.

In IV you were able to turn off vsync on pc for benckmarking. V does give you the option in the menu so its locked at 60. Start turning down settings until you stay locked at 60. Turn on Steam FPS counter in steam settings and test out in training mode.