Street Fighter V Stream Commentary Thread


Everybody that’s funny is not funny to someone. Every comedian isn’t funny to someone.


To be honest, prior to today I thought Zhi was a total douche, but he was really good today; he definitely changed my opinion of him. I tend to like the chess-style announcing though, so he’s still not my first choice


All I want in SF commentary is DOUBLE CHILLI FRIES and telling the loser to “TILT YO HEAD BACK, YOU GOT JIZZED IN YO MOUTH”.




How the fuck did commentators manage to not even give a slight chuckle when saying master baiter multiple times lel

Shit amazes me


Magus is the BEST on the Mic. Always been one of my favorites. Glad he’s on today.


Marn was super entertaining at NCR


5 streams and not 1 working. 10 minute breaks. FGC going esports pahahahahaha.


Zhi had to grow on me. I think finding that I do color commentary better than detailed analysis has helped me respect him infinitely more. Really he manages to do both, so I want to get there as well. It’s really hard being that funny on the fly, and sometimes he’s hit or miss but that’s gonna be everyone in that situation.

Obviously not for everyone, but I definitely think he’s one of the best out there, and THE best in Asia for English commentary period.


Zhi needs to stay. We already got plenty of analytical casters already.


best commentators are zhi and aris
zhi in combination with mike ross is the most entertaining


Zhi knows a lot about SF too, he just doesn’t act like it.


Not gonna lie, I really wonder why this topic is dead. Am not really playing sf5 or watch many tournements either but some of you are am sure. I used to come there to read about top8 stuff when I haven’t watched it… You betrayed me shoryuken boys !

Am gonna watch the redbull kumite today tho. Let’s go shoryuken, enlighten me with your posts during this event (or play dumb as often, whatever).


Zhi sucks.



Marn got flown over here to attend some small monthly expecting to win. Ends up getting sent to losers outside of top 16 and then finishes only 5th.


He’s sandbagging to keep low key for CEO.


That’s not what his face said when he lost. When Bully69 sent him to losers, he walked out and had this “what the fuck just happened” look on his face.

Though we also can’t discount the fact that these guys have also played each other online before.


I had the pleasure of playing Don when he came to Taiwan for TW Fighting Major. Super solid player.


Mike choked hard againt Justin there… Was fun match though.