Street Fighter Video

It’s short. I made it today. Please leave comments.


You’ve got a lot to learn posting garbage like this here.

I want my 2minutes and 19 seconds back :frowning:

why in the hell would you sit through that?

thats 2 mouse clicks and 3 seconds im never getting back.

^ No joke.

I was watching this…and during the process of taking this in I realized that it reminded me of something…that something is this…


OMG, hahahahah, that made my day. :smiley:

Going through that video led me to this:



-Look what you got yourself into, the graphics and fighting are similar to SF 4 than the game I posted.

Nice job, you just proved my point even more

alphawhateverximacallit woke up this morning and spelled faillure in his alphabet cereal

Absolutely incredible. Its got me in a trance. For some reason I sat through over two minutes of it and stopped it. :shake: Now Im wondering how it ends!

Wow reading that made me laugh so hard.

lol you missed the point