Street Fighter Volume 3 World Warriors

Hey guys, this is my first post and I’m wanting to know when Volume 3 World Warriors is coming out, I searched over the net and nothing appeared, Amazon released it, I tried to buy it but after 3 - 4 weeks later they said it had a problem, so I couldn’t get it :(. So can anyone help out?

Udon is probably late again. I haven’t heard much of these “monthly” releases we are supposed to be getting. Heck, I don’t even know if the Sakura Legends TPB is out yet.

I had hoped that these were realistic “monthly” releases, but from what you said, that was a dream.

I’m sure Udon is trying their best though!

It came out last week. It’s called Street Fighter Fighter’s Destiny Vol. 3. The Street Fighter Legends Sakura TPB also came out last week.

Welcome to SRK Shin-Akuma! :smile:

Udon is on deviantart, I can send them a note if you’d like. Just tell me what you would like to say.

Trade #3 should be on shelves everywhere by now, as well as SFL Sakura trade. And Trade 1 & 2 are also back in print.

I picked up number 3 last wek however, much to my dismay, I was unable to find the sakura legnds tpb. I guess my comic book store didn’t order any.

Heh, best thing about the Sakura Legends Trade is in the back there is a guide that tells you exactly who are all of the people that have cameos in the series. Yes, it does list the guy with the Skullomania mask as Skullomania. It’s official, he exists in the Studio-Udon verse hooray! :clap:

Weird, i thought it was called World Warriors, no wonder i couldn’t find it! :sweat: thanks alot!

I just ordered the SF Legends Sakura TPB.

It should come soon , I am getting it through my local Borders.

They said it was Back ordered , which I thought was strange.


Sano, if you don’t mind could you list all the cameos?

Lol it’s probably not a good idea for me to do that since Studio Udon’s trying to sell the book. :sweat:

There’s lots of other goodies though like extra drawings by Omar Dogan including sketches and there’s even an article that tells you how step by step how he draws and colors a cover and a page in the series. Very cool! Bonuses like that are very nice. NOW GO BUY IT GOSH DARN IT! :tup:

Was all the extra artwork Dogan’s? Some of them have a funky little signature thing kind of threw me and I wasn’t sure.

Darn you sano, you weenie

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