Street Fighter vs. Alpha

Just a poll, which series does everyone here prefer, the original Street Fighter series (from the original Street Fighter too 3rd Strike) or the Alpha series? Feel free to explain why. I prefer the Alpha series, Alpha 3 is my favorite fighter, it has a ton of characters and fighting styles, and Karin is the shit. :slight_smile: I was gonan throw in the EX series too but I figure most people here aren’t stupid enough to actually pick it…

The Alpha series by a longshot. :nunchuck:

St > A

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How can you lump in SF1 through 3S all together? It’s totally arbitrary.

Yeah, I don’t think SF1-3S really can be grouped together like that… the major groups they’d really fall into are SF1, the SF2 games, the SF3 games, and the Alpha games. While each of those have quite a bit of variety in them (Alpha 3 plays very differently from Alpha 2, Super Turbo plays differently from Hyper Fighting, etc.), grouping them this way much more accurately reflects the major phases of the Street Fighter series.

While alpha series was my first SF series I put game time into(megadrive CE was 230(120-140US lol) in my country, Super Turbo just kills it now. I prefer not having to deal with CC/VC stuff. I like EX series too, more for characters than overall gameplay.

The Street Fighter 2 series > Alpha series > 3rd series

I can honestly say I play both series enough that I wouldn’t put one over the other. I like them both equally, and whether I’m playing the SF series or the SFA series pretty much depends on what mood I’m in at the time.

How about this?:

SF1, SSF2 Turbo (or Hypers SF2), and SF3: 3S
Alpha, A2 Gold, A3

three games vs. three games. What are you taking?

Make this thread more accurate.

EX, but of the choices given SF2.

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Obviously I’ll choose Alpha over the Original Street Fighter game, seriously who out there would want to play SF1? lol

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