Street Fighter Vs King of Fighters Part 1


Prologue:Rugal’s lust for the Orchi power has become an obsession. But M. Bison has also shifted his focus on the Orchi power as well. Both men each other as threats, so one day, Rugal and Bison fought. Of course, they went to a draw, both men gravely injuring each other. Rugal invites Bison to the KOF tournament so they can settle their score! So teams have three members and some have four.

The Teams

Japan Team
Kyo Kusanagi
Goro Damon
Shingo Yabuki

Ryu Team
Ken Masters

Yagami Team
Iori Yagami
Eiji Kirasigi
Billy Kane

China Team

Art of Fighting Team

Hero Team

Fatal Fury Team
Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Mai Shiranui

Saikyo Arts Team
Dan Hibiki

Korea Team
Kim Kaphwan
Jhun Hoon

Shadowloo Team

Ikari Warriors Team
Ralf Jones
Clark Still
Leona Heidren

EX Team

International Team
Dee Jay

Final Fight Team

Pyscho Soldiers Team

Special Team

Comment on the teams. This will be posted piece by piece, like episodes on a TV show since this is a big roster.


too many characters… i say cut down the roster… also that’s the worst possible hero team imo… each team should have 3 characters… hero team can be kyo, ryu, ???.. and rival team can be iori, ken, ???..


Too be honest, I was going to have eight teams here, all mixed up teams. But, there was a lot of characters I wanted to be in Part 1(hint for Part 2)and that’s how you get this cluster of a roster. But oh well. I couldn’t find a team name for the Chun-Li, Guile Team, but, it fits the storyline purposes. All want Bison for different reasons. Guile wants to avenge Charlie, Chun-Li wants to aveneg her father, Cammy wants answers and T.Hawk fights for the pride of his tribe as Bision killed his father and his homeland. So, I guess the “Hero” named was borned. Besisdes, this one takes part betwen the KOF 94-95 and Street Fighter 2.


Hero team should be Kyo,Ryu and Terry, The rival team should be Iori,Sagat and Ryo.

So this is how it should be:

The Teams

Hero Team
Kyo Kusanagi
Terry Bogard

Rivals Team
Iori Yagami

Japan Team
Goro Damon
Shingo Yabuki

Ken Team
Ken Masters

Outlaw Team
Billy Kane
Eiji Kirasigi

China Team

Art of Fighting Team

Interpol Team

Fatal Fury Team
Andy Bogard
Mai Shiranui

Saikyo Arts Team
Dan Hibiki

Korea Team
Kim Kaphwan
May Lee
Jhun Hoon

Shadowloo Team

Ikari Warriors Team
Leona Heidren
Ralf Jones
Clark Still

International Team

Pyscho Soldiers Team

Masters Team

Secret Agent Team


I don’t like most of those teams you had. A team like the Secret Agent team is fine(minus Eagle) but this isn’t Heroes of KOF+SF versus Villains of KOF+SF. I would like the possibility of Ryu facing either Terry or Kyo in a fight.


I think Tag would be the best style for a KOF vs SF game, with these pairs. Eventually after all the fighting between the teams, it would culminate in Terry and Ryu teaming up against Geese and Sagat in that grass stage from SFA2 with Geeses theme blasting through my speakers at full volume.

KoF teams

Rivals Team: Kyo, Iori
Terry Team: Terry, Joe
Andy Team: Andy, Mai
Kyokugen Team: Ryo, Robert
Womens Team: King, Yuri
Secretary Team: Mature, Vice
Howard Team: Geese, Billy

SF teams

Ansatsuken Team: Ryu, Ken
Wrestler Team: Zangief, R.Mika
Brothers Team: Yun, Yang
Final Fight Team: Guy, Cody
Hugo Wrestling Army Team: Hugo, Poison
Flunky Team: Claw, Boxer
Shadoloo Lords: Dictator, Sagat

Joint Teams

Agents Team: C.Viper, Vanessa
Law Enforcement Team: Chun Li, Blue Mary
Soldier Team: Leona, Guile
Disciple Team: Shingo, Sakura

Single Entrants

Dan, Rugal

Of course, this is just my own idea and I’m not telling you to do anything, I just needed to put it online somewhere and see if anyone liked it :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not NESTS instead of Rugal? Only the people of the Orochi bloodline can actually use it so it doesn’t make much sense for them to be fighting over it.


so far “letsX20ASTRIKEFREEDOM” has had the best post… he found a way to include kof vs. street and a sub fatal fury vs. art of fighting in a very solid manner… all the teams make sense and he has included important characters from all 4 franchises… maybe take out eagle and put in mary and call it a female fighters team…


I agree. Just I know Street Fighter for a long time it fact, that was my first ever video game I’ve ever played. I know both franchises very well, but I’ve love having my favs on it, Kim,Billy Kane, Eiji, Yamazaki, Cody, Guy. . I mean, Part 2 was supposed to be my custom storyline(still will), but I thought maybe this saga, the Orchi saga, would fit my genre with Bison’s everlasting thirst for power and Rugal’s as well. Very similar are the two.

And yeah, people shouldn’t fight over the Orochi bloodline power, but, if Ash Crimson can take it from Iori, why can’t Bison? Bison is more ruthless, more cunning, more sinister than Ash. He’s a type of person who is never satisfied with the power his has, the Psycho Power, hence the reason he wants Ryu’s Hadou enegry. Rugal’s the same way. NESTS wanted world order, Ruagl and Bison wanted to take over the world. So, that’s why I did the Orchi/Shadowloo saga as I call it.


Oh boy. So many things I want to say. Well for starters here is a list a did long back before SF4. I took a different approach of vs pairs (I tried teams but it’s so hard) and went all the way beyond the impossible to create a roster of characters that no game (sans Mugen) can ever have. This is utopic and this is how I like it.

Respective Elements

Fatal Fury - Final Fight
Art of Fighting - Street Fighter
King of Fighters - Project Justice
Buriki One - Fighting Layer
Kizuna Encounter - ???
Metal Slug - ???
??? - Slammasters
??? - Capcom Fighting All Stars

Southtown - Metro City

Hakkyokuseiken - Psycho Power
Kyokugen - Ansatsuken
Shiranui Ninjitsu - Bushin Ninpo
Todohryo Kobujutsu - Kanzukiryu Kakutoujutsu

Southtown criminal organisation - Metro City criminal organisation
Southtown business corporation (Howard Connection offspring?) - Metro City business corporation (the Sims?)
Hasshaku - Illuminati
N.E.S.T.S. - ???
Hizoku - ???

  •  The King of Fighters     *
  •           VS              *
  •     Street Fighter        *
  •                           *
  • The Fight for a Dream VS Game *

*** Fatal Fury VS Final Fight ***

Terry Bogard - Cody Travers Heroes, have thrown Geese/Belger from their skyscrappers to their deaths
Rock Howard - Kyle Travers *
Andy Bogard - Guy Ninja types
Mai Shiranui - Maki Genryusai Ninja types
Blue Mary Ryan - Lucia Morgan *
Big Bear - Mike Haggar Wrestling
Tizok “The Griffon Mask” - Slammasters char Wrestling
Joe Higashi - Adon Muay Thai, similar moves
Duck King - Dee Jay Music related (Dancer - DJ)
Tung Fu Rue - Gen Old masters
Hon-Fu - Fei Long Jacky vs Bruce, Nuchuckus
Xiangfei Li - Chun Li Tai-Chi, Chinese, same hairstyle
Hotaru Futaba - Yun Lee Kung Fu, Siblings
Gato Futaba - Yang Lee Kung Fu, Siblings
Hokutomaru - Ibuki Ninja kids
Richard Mayer - ???
Bob Wilson - ???
Sokaku Mochizuki - Retsu Monks
Billy Kane - ???
Lili Kane - Nanase Pole
Benimaru Nikaido - Dean Lightning attacks, hairstyle
Rosa - Carlos Miyamoto Katana
Kim Kaphwan - ???
Kim Dong Hwan - ???
Kim Jae Hoon - ???
Kim Sue-il - ???
Chang Koehan - Hugo Criminal Duo going legit, ultra heavyweights (203kg and 200kg)
Choi Bounge - Poison Criminal Duo going legit, hats
Bonne Jenet - ???
Ryuji Yamazaki - ???
Jin Chonshu - ???
Jin Chonrei - ???
Kevin Ryan - ???
Freeman -???
Lawrence Blood - ???
Alfred - ???
Wolfgag Kraouser - ???
Tsugumi Sendo - PJ char Students
??? - Sodom
Gordon - Edi. E Fat corrupted cops
Joker - Phillipe Clowns
Marcarius Dennis Rossi - Rolento F. Schugerg Military, grenades

*** Art of Fighting VS Street Fighter ***

Ryo Sakazaki - Ryu Kyokugen vs Ansatsuken (Punch oriented)
Robert Garcia - Ken Masters Kyokugen vs Ansatsuken (Kick oriented), rich guys
Takuma Sakazaki - Gouki Kyokugen vs Ansatsuken (Masters/Elders), juggle after henshipu - tatsumaki
Yuri Sakazaki - Sakura Kasugano Kyokugen vs Ryu-like
Marco Rodrigez - Sean Matsuda Ryo’s student vs Ken’s student
Ryuhaku Todo - ???
Kasumi Todo - Karin Kanzuki Kyokugen rival vs Sakura rival, similar moves
Eiji Kisaragi - Geki Ninja
Jack Turner - Birdie Big thugs
Mickey Rogers - Mike Boxing
Mr. Big - Eagle Sticks
Lee Pai Long - Balrog Acrobatic Claw, mask
King - Sagat Muay Thai Champions, high/low projectiles
Ivan Sokolov - Zangief Wrestling, Russians
Akatsuki Maru - Edmond Honda Sumo
Rick Strowd - Thunder Hawk Native American
Mars People - Twelve Tentacles
Jivatma - Dhalsim Hindu, limb stretchers
Mignon - Rose Witches
Momoko - Elena Capoeira
??? - Blanka
??? - Dan Hibiki
??? - Q
??? - Oro
??? - Necro
??? - Urien
Leopold Goenitz - Gill Element control masters, secret organisation leaders

*** King of Fighters VS Project Justice ***

Kyo Kusanagi - PJ char Students
Iori Yagami - PJ char Students
Goro Daimon - ??? *
Shingo Yabuki - PJ char Students
Athena Asamiya - PJ char Students
Sie Kensou - PJ char Students
Bao - PJ char Students
Chin Gentsai - ??? *
Heidern - Charlie Nash Military
Clark Steel - Guile Military
Ralf Vince Jones - Alex Military
Leona - Cammy Military, Mind controled
Whip - Doctrine Dark/Ajax Preston Military
Lucky Glober - ??? *
Brian Butler - ??? *
Heavy D. - Mike Bison Boxing
Vanessa - Dudley Boxing
Seth - ??? *
Ramon - Skullomania Wrestling
Lin - ??? *
Hinako Shijou - Rainbow Mika Nanakawa Unorthodox wrestlers, blondes
K’ - Vulcano Rosso Flames
Maxima - Cracker Jack *
Kula - ??? *
Candy - Area Robots
K9999 - Kairi *
Angel - Blaire Dame *
Foxy - ??? *
Ash Crimson - Remy Similar moves, French
Duo Lon - ??? *
Shen Woo - Makoto Similar moves
Alba Meira - D.D. *
Soiree Meira - Rook (Luke?) *
Luise Meyrink - Ingrid *
Yashiro - ???
Shermie - ???
Cris - ???
Mature - ???
Vice - ???
Rugal Bernstein - ???
Klizarid - ???
Zero - ???
Ron - ???
Igniz - ???
??? - Garuda

*** Buruki One VS Fighting Layer ***

Patrick Van Heyting - Clemence Keliber Pro Wrestling
Rob Python - Joe Fendi Boxing
Song Xuan Dao - Lan Yinghua Tai Chi
Syo Yong Song - Hong Gillson Tae Kwon Do
Takato Saionji - Hokuto Aikido
Silver - Allen Snider Karate, German
Gai Tendo - ??? *
Jacques Ducalis - ??? Judo
Payak Shipitak - ??? Muay Thai
??? - Tetsuo Kato *
??? - Sessyu Tsukikage Ninja
??? - Shang Fenghuang *

*** Boss sidekicks ***

Ripper/Hopper - Juni/Juli

*** Bosses ***

Geese Howard - Vega

*** Hidden bosses ***

Mr. Karate - Shin Gouki Alter Egos

I want to match looks, background, movelists etc. This is why I don’t like the idea of Mai vs Chunli just because they are snk/capcom’s poster girls.

It’s quite unfinished, and I understand (and quite possibly agree) with objections you may have with some pairs. However the main idea is: Terry vs Cody, Ryo vs Ryu and Kyo vs Kyosuke and I want your thoughts on that.

Also, I understand most people don’t know half the cast in here but I assure you they are all in the games I mention in the beginning. Look them up in those games faqs.


I like it, but your pairs are somewhat confusing. Maybe you could clear that up, but what I could understand, I like your teams. KUTGW


Street Fighter made its debut in the arcades in 1987. It was designed by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. The player took control of martial artist Ryu, who competed in a worldwide martial arts tournament, spanning five countries and ten opponents. A second player could join in at any time and take control of Ryu’s rival, Ken.

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First off let’s just say that you take out billy and Eiji they were killed by Yagami, unless it’s a dream match game in which it sounds like. Also why not insert Geki somewhere in there anyone remember him. Also I would still take some chars off of the roster. Try to think of who gets played the most.