Street Fighter V's lack of content is appalling


So Street Fighter V comes out Tuesday but a lot of people already have the game. I’ve been talking with some of them and here are some features that aren’t in the game at launch:

1P vs CPU
8 player lobbies
Cinematic story mode
In-game shop
Alternate costumes (you can earn them but can’t unlock them until the in-game store comes out in March)
Spectator Mode
Extra battles

Just to name a few. This is the most barebones game I’ve ever seen ask for full price. There’s some basic stuff on this list that just isn’t in the game. 1P vs CPU is one of fighting games most basic features, and it’s nowhere to be found. Even the alternate costumes that they recently showed off aren’t useable until March, when the in-game store is opened. This is fucking disgusting and I want as many people as possible to know that the game Capcom are selling on Tuesday is basically a $60 beta with one or two game modes added in.


I see your point but you have to look at this objectively as well. There could be many factors as to why they’re having to release stuff a month later that should be in the game. My best guess is news I heard a while ago that sony are pushing for the game to be out before the financial year is over so they could have had a hand to play in pushing the game out quicker than it should be as they’ve invested their money into it.

Also it’s odd for capcom to do this as sf4 was released with full features so why would they now back track on that mentality…capcom don’t seem like that type of company, it’s frustrating but there are other reasons and march isn’t too far away, at least we don’t have to pay for this $h!t


I see your point, but I am having to play full price for a game that doesn’t even have the costumes they promised ready at launch. I know March isn’t that far away, but there is no reason to not include half the things in that list day one.


Add to the main list that each of the individual character stories themselves are also missing 2-3 chapters each. So you are missing the cinematic story and you are missing the majority of the character stories.


For any other gamer, I’d agree with you. But here on SRK, most people will disagree, due to the simple fact that the bare minimum of competitive content is in the game, and this will cloud their judgement of the true value of the product, as of launch day.

That said, there are already tournaments around the world banking on this february release date, some of them are even included in the CPT, so really, from the moment they announced the release date, there’s no backtracking or delaying possible. Capcom is taking this hit for the competitive fanbase, and sacrificing their mainstream cred for it.

Tragic, really.


no Arcade Mode :frowning:


It’s not so much missing as it is just lazy. I have no doubt Capcom had every intention of releasing some of those character stories with 2 fights.


At least it isn’t paid DLC. Battlefront


Still doesn’t excuse the fact that at least half of the shit in that list should be in the game on Tuesday.


And at the end of the day, these are some of the least important things in any fighting game.


It is a little disappointing to be honest, but I dont think its completely bad as its coming out soon.

I expect 3SOE level of content.

I dont think its completely fair to compare the $60 price tag with the current level of content, since the updates are coming and they are free. They just had issues with the time line, but have not delayed the game which would have been tragic. If we get a bunch of that stuff in March, its OK for me. I just need training mode and online for now.


They should have called this SFV lite or something. I understand and appreciate getting the important bits early with more to come for free later but it’s PR suicide.


I kind of disagree with that, some of those things aren’t necessary. (i mean 8 player lobby?). I think the game’s content will suffice until March.


I really don’t think laziness has anything to do with it. Projects of that magnitude are dictated by budgets and deadlines. Somebody in charge (probably Sony or non-developmental Capcom bosses) must have been pushing very hard for that February release and the only way the team thought it would be realizable would be to cut some corners and ship the most important content first: the introductory character stories and barebones 1v1 multiplayer.


You paid $60 already to get into the beta. Not much different now except you get a little more content and a special label called “retail version”.

Wait until March to buy the game then you won’t be disappointed if that stuff really bothers you. The main game is already done, getting that shit early should be a good thing, but people want to cry so I guess go ahead and cry.


One other game I’m really anticipating this year apart from SF5 is Dark Souls 3. I hope it doesn’t get released barebones like this game.


March is in like 2 weeks.

Lets compare to another triple A title, MGS5.

MGS5 had a 1-2 hour prequel which costed half of the retail price of the full game. Most fans lapped that up, and they fronted the entire capital cost of the game. Then the game finally hits and there are 2 chapters instead of 3, and the chapter is 50% made up of repeating missions for chapter 1. Then they reveal in the premium version bluray that they had a whole new story arc that didnt make the game.

Online mode only became available 2 months after launch.

We got 4 free betas, and the additional content is coming out 2-4 weeks after launch. Story 4 months after launch (but not a USP).

Its not thaaaat bad.


Buy the cdkey version for 36 dollars to get the game for something more worthy for your wallet.

Otherwise you still probably BOUGHT IT!


Who cares? Are you aware of how many video games in history have been delayed? Apparently not. I’m talking delays of months or even years! Would you rather them release the game in March? I’d rather play just the beta for $60 and wait for the free content instead of them delaying the product.

I’m sorry, but I think you’re 100% wrong to complain.


Watching from another POV

They are selling you the begin of a service that will last 5+ years, with future free updates, modes and (grinding FM) characters.
For 60$
It start barebones but the more months go on the more contents you will get, still for the 60$ you paid

In comparision some shitty so called AAA games ask you to give them 60$, then you play for few hours and that’s it, game end.

Don’t misunderstand, IT IS shitty have to wait ??? day of march to get what i consider the actual first complete version of the game.
But it’s just the childish me that after months of wait is pissed about have to wait 2-3-4 weeks for some free not essential contents