Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

Does anyone else want to see this game made. I know it can never happen since Warner Brothers bought it. It just always a match up I would have loved to see since the first time I played SF2 and MK2. I bet Bison would have an epic fatality.

What do you guys think? What other 2 fighting game series would you like to see duke it out?

Welcome to 1993?


Oh boy…

Your avatar is surprisingly fitting.


You guys all know that MK2 was awesome!

I’d like to see this thread vs. a moderator. LOCKALITY!

ya, you got us, no one can deny how sweet that acid pit was. fuck non-broken gameplay, i like fatalities!!

How about Titties vs. Ass, hm?


Mortal Kombat was broken as fuck and in the worst possible way. But you gotta admit, it was fun until it reached that point.

Street Fighter was like the super intelligent gorgeous classy lady.
Mortal Kombat is kind of that drunk chick at a bar, you’ll take her home and bang her, have some fun, then drop her off the next day.

I enjoyed Mortal Kombat similar to how I enjoyed Power Rangers. I was too young and stupid to realize how shitty it was.

Who was into using handcuffs in her youth. :pleased:

Ultimate 3 some. Super classy lady and the hot slut. You can’t deny! Come on. Just for fun!

Gotta love the minus rep from the assholes here. It’s just for fun guys. There games, stop taking them so seriously.

What does that mean? Just for fun? It’s a stupid idea that doesn’t sound fun

Fuck you guys. No wonder fighting games have been dieing for so long. A new person tries to come in to your community and you guys are just ass holes.

That crossover will never happen. It just wouldn’t work. C’mon now, play a Street Fighter game and then play Mortal Kombat game. They’re way too totally different.

If it were to happen and they needed to find a way to make it work, I’d say change the Mortal Kombat characters to make them feel Street Fighter-ish. Then it could possibly be a sick game. Maybe.

Scorpion’s bread and butter right here: c.HP, FADC, QCF + HP (Spear), Ultra (Toasty).

I know it cannot happen. Thanks for shitting on me guys.

Ass wins.
Think of it like this:
A girl with small titties and a butt is much better that a girl with big titties and a flat ass.
I see a lot of girls with big tittes and overly skinny bodies; their boobs are probably fake, too, and with an with an anorexic body, that = :wasted:

I’d rather see Darkwing Duck vs Street Fighter