Street Fighter Vs Tekken Wall (1280 x 1024) (W.I.P.)

I’m so hyped for this game, both of my favorite franchises going head to head!!

I’m also willing to collaborate with someone as I feel this could use a little, “oomph!”


nice! any url for full size dload? :slight_smile:

moved to IMM.

No Jin besides Ryu? Then again it is a WIP…

Needs to be bigger. You should develop it on a larger resolution and then scale it down. I would change the font underneath the game names also as it seems a little hard to read.

Other than that though it’s a nice start!

SXT LP.jpg

Yeah, I know… I changed the concept half way through, can’t find any good renders of Jin tho… Prolly do Jin in another version! lol

Thanks, I forgot to add the URL for DLing, I made the wallpaper for 1280x1024 screens only! lol

Tell me if the writing is hard to read on the full size, I will change it if so!


Looking good so far, just need to make sure all the artstyles match up otherwise it will look rather odd with 4 different character arts.

Yea! I know, the Tekken characters ( Hei and Kaz) are both from T5, but the SF characters (Bison and Ken) are different… I can’t find any good renders of the same game!! Help??

lol Thanks for the comment!!

this is super nice can wait to see more keep it up!!