Street fighter: who wants to go home and who




wrong forum+plus who cares about a movie that most of us have seen, know is terrible and was made in 1995…


O ok couldnt find that anyway you obviously dind even bother to watch because it isnt a trailer look first before you post something like that. Looks kinda dumb…




No?1:17 says otherwise. It’s a teaser for a review

Oh and this is a joke that’s been done before


You mean 1994 + know how fucking awesome it is


hahaha dont be a dick, you’ve been here long enough to know. When that movie pops up on tv theres a thread to let everyone know. people still love watching that movie, that terrible terrible movie.


I’m not a morning person :bluu:

Credit where credit is due, it does have some of the greatest quotes in movie history.


It’s not as bad as people make it out to be. It’s a long shot from “worst movie ever” quite frankly.


Yep that goes to either Catwoman or Legend of Chun Li. Honestly can’t decide which of the two is worse.


Agreed. Its a guilty pleasure for me i guess, but i like the movie. Partly i admit from nostalgia. Takes me back to good ol’1994 when the 16-bit wars were ending, and the 32-bit era was beginning with the Sega Saturn and PSOne…ahhh memories.

Also to this day i love Raul Julia’s Bison! The only legitimately Good thing about the movie that saves it. He was so badass, and a nice take on how a Real-life Bison character would be.


You’ve obviously never seen the film Shortbus.

Pro tip: Don’t


I thought I had a good grasp on the English language. After reading this post I’m doubting my abilities to understand your language.