Street Fighter X Capcom & Street Fighter: Battle Combination


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If it is anything like Project X Zone…

… it is probably just a reskinned Project X Zone. :confused:

Double post

You know… I was thinking this… I was sitting here like… Where’s Sega and Namco?

Both of these look fucking sweet and will be day one buys :smiley:

Really should’ve released these on DS and Vita. But maybe if I have a strong enough phone by then, I’ll still cop them

13 new games have just been revealed by Capcom Online Games, including Monster Hunter Frontier G for Wii U and PlayStation 3.

Before you get too excited all of these games are by Capcom’s new online-focused division, so most of them are for smartphones and tablets or are browser-based games.

That said there are some interesting franchises being resurrected here, including a new entry in long running role-playing series Breath Of Fire. Although we’re not sure how hardcore fans are going to take it when they find it’s a browser and smartphone game primarily aimed at Japanese social networks.

You can see the full list of games below but the only console titles are the Wii U and PlayStation 3 versions of Monster Hunter Frontier G, a massively multiplayer online spin-off from the popular series that has only previously been available on PC and Xbox 360 in Japan.

Onimusha Soul might also be console-based, but we asked Capcom UK and not even they knew what ‘consumer game platform’ was supposed to mean. But the title was originally released as a browser-based game last year, so this definitely implies it’s moving formats.

There’s not much we can say about the other games except to link you to the Japanese websites. Although interestingly Euro Historia is based on the Hundred Years’ War between England and France, so you’d think that at least would stand a good chance of being released here.

As Capcom made clear to us though there are no guarantees for any of the titles, and indeed decisions may not be taken until Capcom see how popular they are in Japan first.

What should definitely be coming to the West though is the mysterious Deep Down, which was first announced at the PlayStation 4 unveil in February and has never been mentioned again. Although it’s new footage, the teaser below shows even less of the game than the first time round and it’s still not clear whether it’s actually a Sony exclusive or not.

Monster Hunter Fronter G (PS3)
Monster Hunter Fronter G (Wii U)
Monster Hunter Frontier G Taiwan (PS3/PC)
Onimusha Soul (consumer game platform)
Euro Historia (browser)
Monster Hunter Mezapolta Reclaimation (broswer)
Street Fighter Battle Combination (iOS/Android)
Monster Hunter Big Hunting Quest (iOS/Android)
Street Fighter X All Capcom (iOS/Android)
Monhun Everyday Airu Life (iOS)
Frontier Of Discovery (iOS/Android)
Codename: Rio (iOS/Android/Futurephones)
Breath Of Fire 6 (browser/iOS/Android/Yourmom/Mymom/Tears) < LOL

Their were NO Megaman games announced in that line-up and BOF6 is not on a real system, I can smell the butthurt from here. Delicious fanboy tears lol

And this IS his 25th year… But they’re doing more for SF, it seems.
Unless they have something in store for that Capcom cup.

You know… I can’t wait for the Capcom cup… Know why? Because Harada said he’s keeping TxSF private until it’s over. I really want to see what that game has in store for us.

What’s this on more T X SF info? Explain, SirMixahLot

So assuming this is accurate… Harada will announce TxSF sometime after the Capcom Cup.

He also said…

Thanks good sir, been wondering what was up with that game for years. Nice to see so new info

I’m curious to know what the 3 projects are though…
Assumingly, TxSF, Tekken Revolution (Maybe, as it’s out already, unless they’re researching the whole F2P thing through it, thus it’s a WIP), and… Tekken 7?
Does he have anything to do with Soul Calibur, or is that something different?

My only guesses are TxSF, Tekken 7 and maybe a new IP since Soul Calibur 5 isn’t that old yet.

Might be the thing that’s set to shock everyone.

if this was another puzzle fighter and it had Sean Matsuda in it, then I’d be hyped.

Soo, I’m gonna haveta pass…