Street Fighter X (Cross) Tekken/Tekken X (Cross) Street Fighter



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Excuse me the title of the game is KUMA VS. AKUMA

So is this going to be based on tekken mechanics or sf?

hightop + red gi x mullet + red gi

Fucking SSFIV was just released this fucking year. At least T6 debuted early 2008. I’m guessing Tekken engine.

This is annoying. Even King of Fighters is a better match for Tekken than SF.

OK yeah fine thats great…but this ain’t Darkstalkers 4…where is the Darkstalkers announcement dammit.

People were saying on the Capcom Unity stream that Darkstalkers was an untrue rumor. Not sure how accurate that information is though.

Street Fighter vs. Tekken screen shot #1

Oh, i like. Just hope it doesn’t lean more toward tekken play.

From what’s being said it sounds an aweful lot like a mix between SFEX and TTT…

“The gameplay demo had Ono-san facing off with the producer of Tekken for a demonstration of the fight. Names are escaping me. The gameplay showed that it looks like the characters can tag each other during Ultras. The one displayed show Ryu and Chun-Li teaming up to take down a Tekken fighter (sorry, not a big Tekken fan so the names are not coming to me). But yes, Frank is running off to find a good internet connection to upload the gameplay demo.”

iiiiits two games… so one of them will play like tekken… the other… wont… mind blown.

Mash EWGF into ultra

From the looks of it, it looks like SFxT will play more like SF4 (and look like it too), it seems the SF4 engine is flexible. (Flexible enough to run a Darkstalkers game with it heh)

I’m assuming TxSF will behave in 3D like T6 hmmm…

TTT was by far the most fun tekken game, so that’s a good start.

i was a bit worried about the over saturation of the fighting genre but it looks like the game wont come out till 2012.

Ah, 2 games. So it’s basically they’re doing the snk/capcom trade off with namco this time.

From 1up new article:

picture clearly shows Ryu vs Jin
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Edit: Massive fail, that’s what I get for being bitchy :rolleyes:

I have zero confidence in this game missing (Japan/Asia) arcades. Prolly 2011 coin-op, year or two later on PS360.

so how is this gonna work? are they gonna give tekken characters fireballs or some sort of projectile?

if not, be prepared to get owned by honda if he ever makes it in this game.

Tokido is already ready for this game…

fixed :bgrin: