Street Fighter x HipHop: Mashup Music


As Thread title says, a few that i put together myself. Been doing it for a while, finally figured should share with the community

Nas vs 3rd Strike - One Staff

Jay-z vs Haggar - Haggar blueprint

Alicia Keys vs Alpha 2 - Doesn’t mean the end"

Biggie Smalls vs Onslaught - Onslaught wrong

Ludacris vs Amaterasu - War with Amaterasu

Nas & AZ vs Alpha 2 - Life’s a staff Roll

Jay-z vs Makato - Dirt off Makato

kanye West vs Rouge - Home coming

Ludacris vs Alpha 3 - Final Move

Ginuwine vs Wolverine - Adamantium Differences

Nas vs Alpha 3 - Remember the Ending

Tupac vs Alpha 2 - Staff Changes

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