Street FIghter X Pinky:St. for pre-order at Amazon JP

I am a sucker on Pinky:St. And while hunting down the TenjoTenge ones, I noticed that the SF & SNK ones are available for pre-orders too!

What the eff are those?

Pinky St is a very popular interchangable parts girl’s action figure line in Japan now. They started doing crossovers with a lot of stuff lately, including Evangelion, Gunslinger Girls, Tenjo Tenge, and now Capcom and SNK.

You can see some info (in Japanese) in their producer’s site:

That’s horrifyingly cute.

You like Tenjo Tenge? Check out Air Gear, if you haven’t already. (same dude)

Anybody knows when the Range Murata Pinky will be released? I read from AnimeTen that they are delayed till the end of may. Can anyone comfirm?

Also, are they available for preorder in Amazon? Searching for “rmPinky” has no result.

I am actually wondering about when the Murata Pinky is going to be released too…

And yes, I have also read all Air Gears to date (1-9). Currently I am on School Rumble, going to start on Death Note, Gunslinging Girls, and wish to finish off Hagane.

Ahh, neat. I thought they were like little magnets or something from the first link.

If I read correctly, weren’t you in the toy business before you went into comics?