Street fighter x teken is broken

Hey guys I just got the game and its really fun single player.

But as soon as you take it online the game is completely broken,

The game speed is reduced making everything slow.
The sounds are discusting with some matches having no sound at all.
Some matches there isn’t any hit markers on the characters so the characters are just bouncing off each other.

Any ideas on how to fix this shit? Ps its not my internet I been playing with a friend and both got decent connection under 15ms ping and plenty of up and down.

There are patches coming day one for the consoles, no? Multiple people are having issues I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom’s already dealing with them.
You’re not supposed to have the game yet. :wink:

I wouldn’t be suprised if this was deliberate to stop people enjoying it who’re getting it early via other means… Guarantee this is all fixed with the day 1 patch

Already have the day one patch :frowning: still no good.

It feels like the xbox can’t handle it :frowning:

how do you have the day 1 patch when it isn’t day 1 yet? Also I assure you the xbox can handle the game. Wait until the game is actually released before throwing out silly claims like “sfxt is broken”

I agree with the OP. Playing in training, and then going online is like playing two different games.

This not a silly claim…
The sound is broken to the point of everyone playing the game has turned sound off.
The net code is broken to the point of where two people that live near each other feel like they are playing someone from other side of world.
The game engine is broken to the point of where the arms stop moving on the characters when there is a lot going on.

Also I got the day 1 patch 3 days early because I got game 3 days early.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be another patch…Who said the patch you got has to be the actual “day one” patch?

I had a patch to DL too. The online is about as good as MK9 at this point.

Lets hope there is another patch day 1… A patch to completely rewrite the online for the game would be nice.

I think Mk9 would be offended at your opinion Dubz

day 1 means…day 1 of official RD…not the day you bought it, they don’t care if you got it early…your not special…its like that for all online games early release until the official rd patch, just stick to story mode/training till the 6th

it isn’t day one yet, so guess what you don’t have the day one patch. just because you got the game early doesn’t change anything. the patch doesn’t come with the game when you buy it; the patch comes when capcom decides to make the patch available

Why was there a patch then? What patch was that? The “I got it early crappy patch”…lol, I doubt it.

this is the funniest shit I’ve read today

but I don’t see why everybody else in this topic is deluding themselves about day one patches and all problems being fixed. if they were trying to do something like dissuade people who got the game early from enjoying their time online (why?) then that day one patch would be unlocking online

as crap as some of their decisions are, I assure you the marketing team is not stupid enough as to let the netcode be awful before release if they can help it, they call that one lost sales

were you… i don’t know… installing the game!? but seriously just because something is loading on your screen doesn’t make it a patch. you could have downloaded anything involving the game; doesn’t mean it was a patch for anything.

The patch is on xbox live already.
Try and understand that if you get the game early you may also get the patch early. Each update costs lots and lots of money so why would capcom bother making a pre release patch?

I really hope there is another patch on day 1 but I have never seen 2 patches by day 1.

I have had the 360 since day 1. I know what a patch looks like…lol

Can’t wait till day one when the shit storm hits…this sound bug is bonkers

The sounds makes me cry so I had to turn it off :frowning:

Then I noticed the hitmarkers were gone as well :frowning:

Be glad there aren’t black phantoms online like in dark souls pre release, that made it literally unplayable.

[LEFT]Thread should be renamed …SF X Tekken online is broken. The game itself is actually really fun.[/LEFT]