Street Fighter X Tekken 360 Fightpad S.D. PCB

Just for those that are curious and havent seen the new fightpad’s PCB yet here are pictures with the signal lines marked for easy modding.

Common Ground PCB like the other fightpads this new version is cut down considerably than the other three types we have seen in the past. Notice the turbo button has been moved as well as the LT,LB triggers. The USB connection is also moved from its previous spot on the other fightpads. Also the LS,DP,RS switch is moved more to the center on the other side of the pcb. DP is still in center so make sure that you pay attention to what that switch is placed before modding. Nice thing with the new board is like the brawlpad the pcb is labled. every contact pad has a marking telling the modder exactly what that contact pad is for. The signal points have changed a little on some of the contact pads so I have posted the proper solder points of each signal line for those using this pcb in a dual mod.

Notice that the directionals contact pad is similar to the guide contact pad… no more GIANT space to solder directionals but still more than enough to dot with solder for a good connection. The small spot above the xguide is also not there as before the older fightpads had that convinient spot to solder guide signal lines to. Still a lot of space for guide but watch your soldering…

Depending on what you use and where you want the pcb placed in a case there is still some dead space on the PCB that can be cut/dremeled off to make this fit.


Frontside of PCB

Backside of PCB

Awesome, thanks for the pictures. the Original fightpad PCB is able to be cut really small, but its nice to have a small formfactor pcb without gutting a TE or SE.

I love it when the pcb is labelled. Makes switching between pcb revisions so much more convenient.

Any chance we could get a picture of the board next to a fightpad/brawlpad board for a size comparison?

nicely done joe!

looks like we can really shave this thing a lot if you’re willing to work with traces

I’m a little saddened by the directionals not having the large contact pads anymore. But the size and labeling more than make up for it!

Brawlpad compared to sfxt fightpad

Sfxt stacked on top of brawlpad

Not much difference aside from the mic portion of the pcb.


thank you. good stuff.

Just finished dual modding one. Although the pad is smaller, shame the pcb itself isn’t much smaller. The contact pads for the face buttons seemed a bit easier to solder to. I really do like the fact that they added the outline of the rubber contact pieces to the silkscreen. It made routing the wires easier.

Super Wiring there.

where are the ground points at on the newer board?

look at the picture all the points gumm did **not **solder to they are the grounds its common ground pad so all grounds are connected together

thanks that makes things easier

Random questions:

Why did you not use a Dual Strike SMD? Wouldn’t it have been simpler to install or would the capacitor have been too problematic?

What gauge wire is that?

There is no more Dual Strike SMD they have not made those in years

Considering it was Gummo who made them to begin with, I’d assume he had a few left over. Particularly as they were never put on general sale.

I still have a small batch in my workshop and wanted to know the viability with this pad pcb.

thats cool you have some your probably the only it would be perfect to use these pads
Gummo seems to have no issue cutting an MC to size so its probably more cost efficient for him to go with them instead of the dual strike smd

I hope it’s not a MC Cthulhu because it looks like only the USB points are wired up! Might be a basic Cthulhu or a Cthulhu+ with a healthy dose of Dremel.

It’s crazy to think about how much is going on in that pad. Getting it all to fit is a work of art.

yeah its probably only a Cthulhu but he gets them in bulk so its probably not much of a price difference he’s cut the kit down smaller than that before he posted before a picture of capacitors etc soldered directly to the chip it came out smaller than the smd board

I don’t have any more DSsmd, that’s why. If you have one, you could still use one for the mod. It would be a lot easier than this setup.

Its a hitbox cthulhu+. I don’t waste MC’s on pad mods that are just going to be usb only. Wire is 30guage.

I don’t understand why you would think it would be more cost efficient for me to use two boards that I didn’t produce than just one board that I did produce myself XD