Street Fighter X Tekken a Second Chance?


I’d like to give the game a second chance. Are they still working on patching the game? I haven’t played since the last one. Also are people playing with gems or without gems online? Do a lot of people play online? If not, it would be cool if a bunch of us filled a lobby with or without gems on XBL.


That argument assumes that you don’t get touched again till your life regenerates every time. Factor in the meter gain, 2 bar supers, and risk reward, you can die very quickly.


Lili dive kick nough said. I got the set ups and damage comobs >=)


Well, for dive kicks, there’s:


I think that’s it. I don’t think any of the DLC characters have dive kicks.

I just realized, that’s 3 dive kicks for the Street Fighter side and 3 dive kicks for the Tekken side. o_O

And while yes, there are some people who try to play this game like SF4…there are a few characters that you can’t really help it. I think Guile is the primary example; while the overall system gives him new combo opportunities, nothing has really changed about him to get you to play him differently than his SF4 counterpart. At least that’s how I feel after having played him for a little bit.

Actually, thinking back on it…Guile feels like the only character in this game that plays almost identically to his SF4 counterpart. Pretty much all the other characters in the game feel a lot different in comparison. Ryu has his Donkey Kick and can special cancel his sweep, his EX Shoryuken is now his Shin Shoryuken, plus he is able to charge his fireball. He still maintains some of the basic stuff from his SF4 counterpart (basic frame-traps, normals and links) but other than that he feels a lot different. Ken and Abel feel like completely different characters.

And then there’s the Tekken side of the cast which are completely new to the Street Fighter style of play…

Yeah, unless you play Guile, there really doesn’t seem to be much of an excuse to play this game like it’s SF4.


Yeah, I know. What I am saying in response to the argument “there is no point in learning anything beyond LMHH” is that I can potentially end things faster than they can solely based on efficient damage output.

Sim and Cammy don’t count? =/


Setups and damage combos =/= rufus dive kick. I doubt the OP quit the game cos of a Lili setup.

Edit: OP, play/try the game if you want to give it another shot. Unfortunately, the herp is still derp. You’re gonna have to deal with it mang (or quit again).


The dive kicks a bit weaker so I think it’s OK.


Yes I liked Taken a lot.

Never played SFxTK though.


It’s honestly not that bad as it was pre patch. I mean the major dumb shit(well most of it) got corrected. There is always going to be a fighting game with herp. There is really isn’t anything that doesn’t have an answer out of all the tools the characters have. This game could use a few tweaks but it is nowhere as bad vanilla.

Lili’s dive kick is ass compared to the rest of the line up.


I think people should give the game another chance after this because it has soooo much potential imo, all it needs is a few good tweaks.

Also I hope they heavily modify the gems


Lili’s doesnt bother me since you have to use meter to activate it jumping backwards (or nobody just ever uses the non ex version while jump backing)
Rufus’s doesnt really bother me since i found out about raw launcher
Juri’s is fine because you have to take a huge risk on the dive kick if i’m not in the air
Akuma’s is… there
Hwa’s is … there
Xiao’s is a problem but I dont have enough experience against it yet to say it’s the dive kick and not me. It could still be that I dunno how to deal with it yet other than to block.
Sim’s sucks IMO so don’t care about it’s properties
Cammys, so far from the examples I’ve seen looks really really slow so kinda sucks IMO


TBH this game wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much shit if the politics surrounding marketing weren’t so bad. It confuses me when people bring up politics for reasons as to why X games is a bad game.


Lili’s dive kick can be activated from any jump, I think you’re confusing it with Divine Step which must be activated on a forward jump (unless EX). Xiao’s dive kick is very weak vs jumping attacks. I really only use it as a fireball punish or as a mix-up on wake-up. All except the HK version (including EX) are disadvantageous on block (Frame data is a lie).


What??? You must not fight a lot of lilis. Lili has prob one of the best dk in the game. In plays a huge role in her 50/50 air game. It allots + frames that she can even do raw super arts. And no its not ex version.
Hey op, play for fun. There is bs in this game buuuuuuut there are answer to the bs.


That’s pretty much how I feel about it, particularly the bolded. Is there BS around? Of course, but it’s definitely far toned down from what it was months ago, and every game has some herp-derp in it. Really doesn’t feel like SFxT has it any more than others do - in some instances now I’d argue it has less.


I would say that it has the least out of all the current games that were newly released with persona being the exception.


Dang it, I forgot about Cammy’s and Dhalsim’s…facepalm

Thinking back on it, I don’t think I’ve seen a single Cammy online on the PC version, and I think I’ve fought only one Dhalsim. There just seems to be a lot of Rolento/Ryu/Ken/Kazuya/Hugo/Juri on the PC version…not a lot of variety. You basically never see anyone using a tekken character who’s name isn’t Kazuya…at least in my experience. There’s definitely some, but they’re few and far in between…


Ok, now I really want to switch to Nina if that’s the case. XD


Puts on Sir clothes and monocle In all serioussness, may I ask why?


C’mon, don’t switch your characters just because a lot of people use her…I mean, Ken’s still over-used online and I haven’t stopped using him. And I still intend to use Cody even with the inevitable bandwagon when the DLC hits the PC version.