Street Fighter X Tekken a Second Chance?


Dang it, I forgot about Cammy’s and Dhalsim’s…facepalm

Thinking back on it, I don’t think I’ve seen a single Cammy online on the PC version, and I think I’ve fought only one Dhalsim. There just seems to be a lot of Rolento/Ryu/Ken/Kazuya/Hugo/Juri on the PC version…not a lot of variety. You basically never see anyone using a tekken character who’s name isn’t Kazuya…at least in my experience. There’s definitely some, but they’re few and far in between…


Ok, now I really want to switch to Nina if that’s the case. XD


Puts on Sir clothes and monocle In all serioussness, may I ask why?


C’mon, don’t switch your characters just because a lot of people use her…I mean, Ken’s still over-used online and I haven’t stopped using him. And I still intend to use Cody even with the inevitable bandwagon when the DLC hits the PC version.


I prefer using characters which are more obscure as it helps me with the match-ups. My latest fights with Nina proved that a lot of people are not familiar with facing her. :smiley:

In fairness, I’ve been looking forward on using a Tekken character so that my team would not be SF-dominated.


We “Sirs” think alike

I can’t tell you how many times people just sit there thinking they can make me do something. Only to get Their arms broken. Its actually entertaining to hear “WHAAAAT???!?!” over the mic sometimes.


Actually, it’s quite surprising how easy it is to land j.HK followed-up with a BnB on them. :smiley:

Of course, I don’t want to rely on that as it may not work against smarter players.


Nina has a very weird jump arc so it’s not surprising that it works. Honestly I had to teach myself self control when fighting her because my natural reaction is to try and anti-air every jumping attack in game. Unfortunately Nina is one of those characters you really don’t want to bother knocking out of the air since a lot of her jumps are “safe.”


Some other things that I’ve favored Nina over Juri is that she has better damage and fewer hits, which means scaling will not be much of a factor. The downside is that her super and cross-ups are so difficult to connect. You will need sniper-like accuracy for you to nail them. XD


And shes got j.hp which stuffs AAs(cuz of the spear-like angle) alot which is phenomenal seeing as she do some big meterless damage AND some ridiculous damage with meter.


I see what you did there.

I don’t try to crossup up with her alot, ive learned my lesson

What i sometimes do is empty jump to cr. Forward. Or to the mashers, a raw launcher but not too much cuz she is a little girl with 900 health


Yeah Ninas jump ins are ambigious as hell, she can jump at you in the middle of the stage and cross you up mid air then stay in front of you with she lands, its crazy, also hwo’s dive kick is useful because you can combo afterwards on counter hit


Well the reason why rufus’s dive kick is that crazy cross up wakeup situation, while it is unsafe because its a cross up and doesnt look like a cross up you have to input you specials in the opposite direction at the LAST second to punish


Rufus’s divekick got nerfed, its not nearly as stupid as before. Didn’t it also get more recovery frames? Also air tatsu’s are easier to block as well.


yeah… i deciphered that by playing Ricky a lot in SF4. Same shit, same angles and timings. Once you see it enough you pick it up

I can only imagine how hard it is to land. I mean you have a week and a half to react to it. If you land that dive kick you deserve every bit of comboability you get. And IMO it should be comboable on regular hit

ok then most of the lili’s are shit lol. I’ve never seen any lili use a spin twirl foot first dive kick while jumping backwards unless it was the EX Version. If the dive kick is safe and comboable on non-EX versions then I dunno why people would burn meter to use it.

As for Xaio I know it’s unsafe on block but I havnt had enough attemps to try everything I can to beat it, and I havnt had enough of a problem with it to warrant going into the training room to test things out against it. I prefer to explore mid match until i get stuck.


yeah but rufus’s dive kick “nerf” actually helped him a bit, however tatsus hitboxes got nerfed


lol yeah i dont have alot of experience with Rufus by the time i started sf4 Yun was tearing shit up >.<
also about hwos divekick u can use it to punish certain AA’s like Ryus crouching fierce so it can be tricky, also the normal one can combo on a tag


i dont see how you can use it to punish much in this game, maybe lariat or a whiffed super but you’re probably better off going with a regular jump in combo. It’s just too slow to be practical IMO


welll, ill just keep surprising people with it then :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s kinda true. I’m sure there are competent lili players out there somewhere. Not everyone is alioune sensei or even me. I don’t think most lili’s know how to combo off of regular dive kick or even do a raw super arts after it. I got those set ups but i’m not gonna show it yet because i would hope the other lilis find it out first =D