Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO Announced

Madcatz and MarkMan just tweeted this pic

Can’t wait to see the final design of the thing!



Ha, MarkMan nearly exposed. Anyways, can’t wait.

LOL, I thought it was on purpose. They’re gonna be for sale then?

Twitter is publically displayed information, so not sure why re-posting it here would be a problem. If that is a FS: PRO box, I wonder if the aesthetics have been kept the same from the prototypes…


oh :frowning: it would have been better if they release a new TE-S Yun version instead, anyways I cant wait :wink:

It would be amazing if this was $100, but anything $130 or less = instant buy for me. What am I talking about? So long as it is priced the same as a TE or below, it’s instant buy. I do think that a $100 - $120 price tag would persuade a lot of people who already have a TE to buy this, however.

I’ve really wanted a smaller form stick for quite some time, so I’m looking forward to this.

Up for preorder now. Shipping mid september. $159.99

sighs…i was hoping there would be a pax code for some % off…

anyone going to buy one?

Are you sure? All I see is the MLG/Captain America stick.

yes they went up at 6:30pm. they are saying “limited” quantity.

I think they look pretty cool…a lot of people are hating on them hard though.

hey guys newbie here, but what is the difference between this and the TE?
im planing on buying my first stick but gamestop currently has no TE sticks left.

Only difference between MadCatz TE sticks is the theme. All use Sanwa components. You can still get a Street Fighter IV TE for 149.99 and it will ship this week. The SXT TE is rumored to be shipping Mid September.

so the difference is only visual?
then why are some TE’s more expensive than others?

Some are limited edition. For instance, the Femme Fatale stick was limited to 350 copies so the price was slightly higher. Same with this new SFxT stick, only 1,000 copies have been made for each system so the price is a bit higher

Its only 1000 period, 500 per system.

oh ok thanks.

I’ll go with the regular SF4 TE then :slight_smile: