Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO - Official Thread

Has anyone figured out how to take it apart and dual mod it yet?

It’s already listed in this thread how to disassemble it

The pcb is the same as the TE/SE so its the same method no kitty board yet

Why thank ya!

What exactly do I need to buy and where can I find it to dual mod it?

Is it the same? Can I use an SA template? I guess I could take some measurements and find out, I just don’t trust myself to do such things accurately.

you mean for art? no its not even close

button layout is the same as most sticks is the last few years the vlx layout

Oh. I’m looking for an art template. Is that something we can get from MadCatz or is it something some talented, giving person will take the time to create?

We interrupt this arcade stick thread to deliver an important message from Michael Gary Scott:

Back to the arcade sticks!

Markman said he was going to put out a template I believe not sure if anything came out!

Got mah stick! It’s 46/1000.

Hey guys

im 669/1000 on the xbox side.

Has anyone taken off the red plastic part yet? I want to know how so I can paint it!


stop being lazy and read its in this thread dam

Ordered my stick yesterday hopefully its here friday since I did overnight shipping. Never had a stick before, was it a good choice with just going with this or should I have gotten a TE?

seems a little late asking a question like that

I think its a good choice I like how it doesn’t have excessive flat area like the TE has

it’s my prefrence not to have my palms on such a flat area its closer to vlx cabs in that sense

Its not as art friendly as the TE but that does’t bother me

Ok so it’s been a month since I pre-ordered my stick from Game shark Canada. I was hoping that they would’ve sent me notification as to why it has taken so long but everytime i email them they say that it will be shipped within the week but it never is. Apparently they will no longer charge me for shipping though when they actually end up shipping it to me D: has anyone else experienced a delay in getting there stick? So of my friends in the states got there’s in about 2 weeks when they were no longer available for preorder.

Sounds like Game Shark need to step up their game.

In the UK the GameShark store has absolutely appalling customer service, it may as well be non-existent. They screwed up an order I placed a few months ago, and so far it has taken them on average two weeks to reply to each email I send, with no progress being made.

Really, really bad. And not something I’d expect from a large company.

I have placed two orders with the UK site and have had the same experience with both orders. The best way to get anything done is to phone them.

^ I’ll be attempting that today.