Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S


I second this, hopefully they make a stick with generic graphics, I’ll prefer that since they are not doing a KOF stick and SFxT has gems.


I’ll post full specs/details and interior pics when I get back from CES this weekend.


Looks like a big black slab of boring IMO.
Don’t want.


That spike TV spot is the reason I hate network tv, they’re so crunched for f*cking time. Anyway, the stick looks very sweet Markman. Like Ibeatu, wants to know, how much of it is plastic?


You seriously have to buy a $20.00 thingy to connect them? That’s pretty silly


One kit should just be bundled with the stick. That would make folks want to buy two instead of one.
As it stands, the only reason to buy one is for the new design, which needs some hands-on review before I’m convinced.


It would make people want to spend $400?


And why stop at 2, connect 12 of the things together and play Guardian Heroes.


I dont understand this. If one of those connector kits is bundled with each stick, then everyone that didn’t want to do this would be paying extra just the unused option, and everyone that did want to Voltron them together would always have an extra set for each pair they linked.


How about half of a kit? I’m being a bit pedantic, but then I thought about it again, and it made more sense.
Kind of. I dunno, it’s a double-edged sword selling the new design saying “look you can connect the two!” but “hey you’ll have to buy our proprietary kit to do so”.
Like how Apple peripherals are.

I would have rather a new design with no gimmick. The price increase alone with a better design seems to settle my inner economically directed mind.

$20 for a few nuts and bolts is a lot to consider because you can probably only get it from Madcatz, re shipping and no stocking in other retail or online shops.
/endrant :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do like the new design as a non-TE rehash. It reminds me of OG sticks which were a simple box shape without the subtle edges and angles of the TE. Looks really solid.


markman also just wondering could u put te sides on these ? so it would look like a vewlix cab


Maybe Madcatz should do a special, where if customers buy 2 at once, they get the kit free ^_^;;

The only thing I wished, is that they made the new art match up when you connect them, that way it looks more “smooth” and flows though out.


I take back my biased whining and applaud both of these ideas. Moreso the former.
Why didn’t I think of that?


Mark, any chance you could send us one for review?


Yep, prefer the all black/no art.




Not really proprietary, it’s just steel and some bolts. You could DIY everything but the molded bottom piece pretty easily.

What would be silly is if they put the connection capability in, but didn’t sell the kit you use to do it.


DING DONG HERE. This looks interesting. Why not just set the sticks right beside one another though! I plan on getting one of these when I hear more details. leaning towards the big one.


Those front screws should be black. It does look like a Voltech. Why no dual pcb? Looks heavy enough to be used as a murder weapon.


All the stick ‘experts’ that are making comments that I haven’t answered yet. I’ll reply soon. :wink:

Also! Yes, I will be sending review units out to the community when the time is ready.

Sorry guys, CES is draining, I’m working on pics/writeup to make SRK Tech Talk proud.


For the community.