Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S


Steel is a little more expensive than plastic.
I think the tier chart for stick material cost is:
Plastic<<<Steel<<<<<<<<<Ostrich Leather


funny stuff
Speaking of Ostrich Leather I wonder if MarkMan ever ended up grabbing one of those?
If anyone would it would be him


lol @ ostrich leather.
After all that research Razor undertook not one person asked or wanted to link two sticks together so why would they do it with this one??
Wouldn’t it have been better to put that money to something more useful or creative?

Can you imagine if this kicked off a trend and groups of friends connected all of their sticks together and attended tournaments at the same time.



I don’t think anyone is claiming to be a stick “expert,” this is just the FGC giving their gut reactions. It’s not complaining (at least not most of it), it’s really just curiosity and excitement. Good luck, I know CES is draining as you said. We look forward to your write up. You should create a separate thread and link to it from this thread. Keep up the good work.


HAHA I can see some guys trying to set the record for longest arcade stick ever at Evo


What if one of the players on this Voltron stick gets salty and wants to bust a Gootecks and throw the stick across the room? “Dude, you broke my stick too” o_O


why would u want to have another stick connected while playing when its not in use. the extra weight on the left or right would probably make your execution worse because you have to counter balance the stick yourself


iirc he said he put his deposit.


its a lot glossier in the live stream… wonder what the bolt panel is for in the front…


I’ve been wondering the same thing. My best guess is that the main front and back pieces are identical, but the one on the back holds a cord compartment in the spot, and the front one just has the single plate over it. But then the headset jack hole would have to be seperatedly drilled on ‘front for Xbox360 version’ pieces after the molding.
Hey Markman, should we start a list of our questions? :slight_smile:


2011: Year of the planking
2012: Year of the connecting



I asked on twitter, Mark said it’s for more personalization/customization. Gives the option for someone like blklightning to make RJ45 ready bolt on panel replacements? I dunno.


This basically equates to close to $500 (after all is said and done) for a 2-player Single-Console stick. Metal or no, why does that not seem reasonable to me?


It’s $420 for two brand new sticks and a connection kit. If the price isn’t reasonable enough, the price will come down.

It’s a brand new retail product. I don’t really see a problem with the price.


You are excluding tax and two separate shipping charges.


A bundle would be nice to avoid the duplicate shipping charges for pre-order items.


Here is a nice glimpse to the quality. It’s looking hefty.;editor;all;img;4

You can start viewing from 3:00 in…


Dang… and here I thought the V.S. meant a free Vampire Savior download code in every stick.

Still, nice work Mark Man! That thing looks like a goddamn tank.


I like it. I know it will feel like the VSHG but with more room. metal=solid


Are the top panel’s dimensions the same as a full panel TE?