Street Fighter X Tekken Combo Tier List (Part 2)

Since the main thread doesn’t have room for more categories I’ll cover some categories. Mostly for corner post tag combos.
Part 1 Street Fighter x Tekken v2013 Combo Tier Lists!

[Corner Post Tag]
(Midscreen - Meterless - Off a normal height Launcher [no Vega, no Yoshimitsu])

[430] Akuma [s.HP xx Red Fireball, c.MP, cl.MP, s.HP xx Red Fireball]
[413] Dudley [s.HK xx MK Short Swing Blow, c.MP xx MK Short Swing Blow]
[394] Poison [cl.MP, cl.HP, cl.HP, cl.HP xx HK Kissed by a Goddess]
[364] Law [cl.HK, c.HP xx HK Somersault Kick, LK Somersault Kick>Backflipper]



Thought about making team lists too. Since there’s too many teams for one post, thought about having a top 50 instead.
Post any list ideas if you have any.


Think it’s supposed to say “Corner - Meterless - (…)”.

Also, got a few:

[415] Cammy [c.HP, c.HP, c.HP, HK Cannon Spike]
[398] Zangief [cl.MP, cl.HP, cl.MK xx HP Banishing Flat]
[364] Chun Li [cl.HK xx Jump, jd.MK, j.HK, cl.HK xx Hyakuretsukyaku]

Ok,so this is a meterless corner post tag,right?
[432] Asuka [sHK Onikubigari c.HP Falling Rain c.HK]