Street Fighter X Tekken Concept / Strategy video


Hello my name is Isaac (webweaver13s) This is my Street Fighter X Tekken Concept / Strategy video. I started working on this video 1 week before Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8. So I have been working on this for roughly the past 2 months.

The purpose is to give ideas on what Street Fighter X Tekken has to offer, and different ways to approach the game and build a strategy that works for your play style. But most of all I want to enlighten people to the potential that is in Street Fighter X Tekken.

The first two parts are designed to build a foundation of knowledge. The third and fourth parts are designed to take the knowledge installed from the provisos two videos and compile them.

Thank you for watching my videos and taking the time to see how much depth there actually is in Street Fighter X Tekken. I truly hope you enjoyed my presentation.
Isaac (webweaver13s)

part one
The combo system
Meter management


part two
Combo management
Team synergy
Gems and how they affect the game


part three
Unused technology


part four
Time Management & Damage Per Second



Great work man! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to say… BADASS MUSIC!


Thanks that means a lot.


Bookmarked this for future reference.


You sir, are quite an inspiration. Good shit, I’m glad to see someone investing some serious time to make something like this.

I haven’t watched parts 3 or 4 yet, but if you’re open to some criticism, I would say that some good in-game footage/demonstration of the ideas would go a long way.

Front page please


Good stuff. This game has so much unexplored potential it’s crazy.

I’m also working on a few videos btw. :smiley:


Due to time restraints I had to cut most the video clips. I have over 1 hour of combos still on my computer that I could not fit into the video.


Very good stuff! I had to use a web proxy site to watch the two last videos though. I live in Norway.


cant watch 3 and 4 etiher, copyright stuff


I cant watch any of these, fuck GEMA seriously.

edit: lets find a web proxy i guess~~


I can’t watch the last two. Too bad they’re the crucial ones. :frowning:

The first two are very comprehensible though, and I’ll download them for quick viewing. :smiley:

#12 :wink: Just input the URL


I’m going to be as well, I just have to get a console and some recording gear – since the PC version will be heavily outdated soon and FRAPs makes it stupidly slow.

I’m thinking of doing a guide series for the DLC characters – sniff sniff Do I smell collaboration?


These are very nicely done! Still watching through them (on 3 now I believe), good stuff. :slight_smile:

Okay so that wasn’t just me! When I tried to record the Juri/Lili re-stand using FRAPs… oh my gawd it ran at like 2 FPS. O___O

I need a reliable recording program for XP that won’t kill the game I’m recording and is still affordable. Unless I just had something set up wrong. (Barring that, a better capture device would be great so I’m looking into that in the fall).


Sorry about that guys im trying to work it out. The issue is the music even though I had a dj from England remix it for the video. I would change the music but as per part of my agreement with Neel I feel like I would be back stabbing him.

I will keep trying to figure something out but if I need to I can just zip the movie into a folder and put it on the web. Then you guys would get it in its original 2 part state rather than a chopped up version.


I love sfxt more than sf and marvel 3 sucks my ps3 got bodied…glad I ordered a 360 version cant wait till it get here,and yeah there is something I feel hidden in this game that will shock people idk why I feel that


Nope it wasn’t. My computer scores A+ on the test, and I even tried turning shadows and stuff off to increase frame rate. Fraps drops my FPS down to like single digits in random, overly frequent spikes. It’s pretty bad. I could set up a tripod and such, but at that point I may as well get a recording box for 360 since I’m buying one today.


There are things in the game that will shock people. I didn’t put everything I know in the video. Just some stuff. Maby one day.


Glad to see that not everybody has given up on this game! Keep up the good work!


Congrats man. This is exactly what I want to see lovers of sfxt doing, and I hope your videos not only inspire people to take the game more seriously but also its presently existing fanbase to create more content for it.
First time back here in a few days and I see this and vulcan’s video. Feels good man, feels good.

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