Street Fighter X Tekken Cross Assault Entries

So I don’t know if we have a thread for this; or if one is even allowed, but I wanted to see people post their entries here!

If this thread is improperly placed, I apologize, I didn’t find anything saying we couldn’t have a thread like this.


G luck to all that may enter! =)
(some gameplay) Apex 2012 streamed performance: 22-44min mark. Matches were back to back.

I’m pulling for you Yorai. Get in there and show 'em your moves!


Only notable thing I can mention is when I beat CEOJebailey at CEO2010, more on that here
0:31-:0:41 I felt like I was definitely in his head, :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine, pretty much entirely ironic, but it turned out a little better than I thought it would, not that it’s actually good, but it’s fun.

I put the game on pre order at game stop but im having cold feet about it. Its not really about the money mostly about having a paper weight in the future.

I really dislike all add titles capcom likes to play with.

UMVC seems like its a complete game and its stated that no other people can be added into the game unless it was pre designed that way. So NO DLC packages out side of costumes and clothing. I bought shuma and jill for the sake of having a complete game.

I just feel like alot of people are going to bitch up a storm about SXT and get capcom to change things. They really are going to milk this title for all its worth. Seeing how they have the gimmicky fight sticks that can be “attached together”.

Gem system is not a issue to me mostly because im more worried about wasting money on games. Only buy systems for games that I play. Is anyone also having mixed feelings about capcom fucking around>/?

I also will get the soul calibur 5 since namco does not fuck around like capcom and they seem to make whole games… Rather than half games.

Mostly im looking for does anyone have any inside news as to capcom trying to sell you more versions of this game? It just seems like Namco is not a whore like that along with Arc or Mortal Kombat. I just really dislike having to buy more games than you have to.

I wasnt sure were to post this.

Do you want it? Can you afford it? Then buy it. Are you not sure? Then you probably don’t want it. Go buy something you’re sure you want.

Decision making. Not everyone can do it.

No… buy it right now.

seriously, i think you should play ST instead.

In regards to your last statement- I hear soul calibur 5 was very rushed and has a lot of dlc planned to get the “full game” effect. Its a bit obvious in its lack of modes, missing/pointless characters (theres 3 mimic characters in the game and still classic sc styles are missing) and even though it seems its customization has been upgraded, certain articles of clothing and such are missing and are already planned for DLC.Still looks better than SFxT, however, which may not included 4 characters that are (presumably) already done.

I’m not going to buy game X because sequel Y in game X is going to be out in a year!

You may as well not get it or get it late at a discount. Opportunity costs for both decisions. Decide with your wallet.
An internet forum isn’t going to sway your decision. Unless you’re 12 years old and lack the insight to.

My daughter just took the nastiest dump. The entire house stinks. That shit is leakin’ through her pants. Too much apple juice. Im going in!

Aside from the smart ass remarks. I knew UMVC was going to come out just looking at mvc!

It was so plain compared compared to MVC2 that told me to wait.

I was also around for the 20 different versions of street fighter II.

All im asking if anyone knows a little something since im kinda out of the gaming loop by ten years.

Im sorry for not being dedicated to games until recent…Hell I just got a PS3 two months ago just because all the newer/good fighting games have been coming out. I do not play COD or the thousands of first person shooters or RPGs. So my genre is finally coming back…So im asking advice on whats going on.

I do not read gaming mags and just stumbled upon this site looking for info. I just got back into gaming dusting off my old systems and becoming a kid again. So dont treat this thread like im a idiot.

Its not a money issue…It just sucks having ten different versions of the same game if I could wait thats all.

Thats what im hearing also alot more DLC content.

But id rather pick and choose DLC than having to go out and be forced to buy a whole new game on a disk.

After reading some of the things ONO has said about the game or what he thinks…He seems like a moron in this industry and I dont know shit about what goes on these days.

he stated that sfxt won’t have a NEW entry that makes your old game obsolete. any “update” will be in form of a DLC (like ssf4 => ssf4:ae). so go ahead and buy it. wating doesn’t bring you anything. besides, I surely wouldn’t want to miss 1 year experience with the system and fun playing the game, just to “save” a few bucks.

You don’t need to be sorry and it’s not necessary for you to follow games to understand the concept.
Something newer will be out. Whether this is the GoTY edition, a DLC, or an all-out sequel… it will come out at some point.

Yes it sucks having 10 different versions of the same game. But you buy the game as is and it’s good to play forever. Well if you don’t like it, you won’t buy the sequel. If you liked it you will buy the next thing out there to keep up, if that’s your thing. However, your initial purchase is still good for the x hours of entertainment you got out of it compared to someone who’s picking it up for the first time.

Yes this does suck if you bought the game a week before the sequel/DLC/GoTY was announced, but no one on this forum or even up in the Dev offices will advise you otherwise.

My advice is if you’re really unsure, wait until a week or two after release. Then judge yourself to see if it’s worth it. If you’re worried about pre-order content or collector’s edition stuff… just buy it and don’t open it. You can still return it if it turns out to be crappy from other forum members’ first impressions (when we’ll actually be useful rather than now when it hasn’t been out). I’m not having a go at you, I’m only showing you an option to consider your decisions somewhat more rationally.