Street Fighter X Tekken Cross Play at Tournies?


I was wondering, do you think when SF x Tekken comes out for ps vita next month, since you are able to go head to head with a vita AND PS3 simultaneously, we will be allowed to play tournies with your vita? I really would like that opportunity and I think it would be great. You can practice on your vita until its your turn, and there really shouldn’t be a problem because you have to plug the vita into the usb slot of the PS3 to do so. I don’t want to hear people complain about using a stick because thats all personal preference. What do you guys think?


Crazy idea but isn’t cross play online?

Are they allowing you to use the vita like a controller similar to Marvel 3 vita?

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Cross Play is online. They tried the whole “use the Vita as a controller” thing for Marvel, it was terrible. I tried it.


I played it at EVO. There was offline lag while using the Vita screen… I don’t think it will go over so well.


how did it connect? Adhoc?

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I think it works offline by adhoc. I noticed a little lag on the Vita by watching videos. For exemple, If you pause videos at TGS of the Vita cross-play, you can see that the screens doesn’t matchs.

Buy the way, this’ll be banned from tourneys just like wireless controllers. All that damn peoples getting out of the setups without unsinc their controllers/Vita is a pain in the ass of every TO.

Was thinking right now. Is the cross-play feature already availble in the PS3 version? I think not. So Capcom will need to update the game to add that feature to the home versions.

So, since Microsoft and Sony asks for a load of cash for every update or patch, maybe they are waiting for this specific patch to add all the revisions in one time. This seems to be logic when you think at consoles update expenses (Ex : Fez not getting patched on 360 because M$ is asking for a load of money for a simple patch).


If there’s any hint of lag this would never be considered an option. PSVita would be cool to practice on the side for sure.

What about button checks? Touch macros? It’s kind of nutty haha.


That was the very first thing that came to my mind as far as why it likely wouldn’t ever be aloud.

Second would be the lag between the two and third would be the setup involved.