Street Fighter X Tekken Discussion/Speculation


  • fast aggressive pace
  • mvc3 like damage
  • Lars cough
  • TTT Jin
  • Urien
  • T6 Bryan
  • Yun

Not Want:

  • turtlefest
  • ultra
  • Guile(ooops!)

The charge mechanic looks interesting but I question how this will aid in the aggressive pace of the game.

Game looks exciting so far. Hopefully E3 will shed some more light on the current game systems and we get a good mix of character archetypes.

Gameplay notes:

Gamplay Videos:

At least I’ve got to give you respect for not requesting for Jin’s mum

I’m gonna be second to put up a want / not want list. on the gamespot footage they said they’re putting a close eye on the forums so I think we should all make one.

want :
Q (third strike) :slight_smile:
third strike style fighting (very intense, fast paced, have to think when you fight)
everyone has a launcher and can perform tekken style comboes
position swap (tekken 4)
projectiles available for most of the cast, but not terribly important (give kazuya a lightning bolt or something)
a tight parry system (not as broken as third strike, cannot parry projectiles or supers, maybe not even charge attacks)
both characters must be k.o.'d
graphics are very suitable in the gamespot video for a classic feel without being outdated, I think it’s very fresh.
diagonal attacks (d/f , f , b , d/b , etc.)
many characters from all across sf series (including Q!!!)
tagout comboes (make the damage scale alot, tagging out a partner and doing 40% is not fair)
red health so tagged out characters can recover health slowly

not want :
sf4 style graphics (too cartoony for me, not anime enough :stuck_out_tongue: )
projectiles to be a big part of the game. cvs2 had a nice balance with projectiles.
rage system
a stupid amount of option selects >:O


Guile looks too real… i cant wait

For all of you wanting SF characters not already rendered in the SF4 engine, I hope you’re prepared to have Capcom take an enormous shit in your mouths.

Which, if you’re really looking forward to this game, you probably already are.

I knowww that’s what I was thinking. I hope we can get a few characters that aren’t in sf4. I think capcom realizes they would be dumb to not have a single new character though

Meh, in the end it’ll be good with 3D models at least the can change animations and make them seemingly better. not that we really care considering sprite showers like MVC2 and Capcom Fighting Jam

Bring back my buddy Alex from Tekken :slight_smile: And Q from Street Fighter.

The match-ups I look forward to:
King x Zangief
Law x Fei Long
Bob x Rufus
Ganryu x E. Honda
Heihachi x Akuma
Paul x Guile
Steve x Dudley

Im interested to see the move list for the Tekken characters.

If anyone has any questions ill try to answer them as best as I can.

No thank you. The game doesn’t have to live up to the “touch of death” legacy of a predecessor. Upping the damag only limits the amount of creativity we’ll see from what seems to be a pretty open combo system.

This game needs Sean and Twelve.