Street Fighter X Tekken Discussion


Since no one had made a topic about it already, this is the Street Fighter X Tekken topic. This topic can be for future reveals and information, possible roster additions and gameplay mechanics, the works, until Street Fighter X Tekken gets it’s own section sometime in the future. Since more information is on the way, we might as well have this topic in hand for later. If you have any information I might’ve missed, go ahead and say so in the topic and I’ll correct, and, like I said, don’t be afraid to turn this into Theory Fighter or Prediction Fighter because this isn’t strict discussion, talk about whatever you like!

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Street Fighter X Tekken Debut Trailer:

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Trailer:

Interesting Interviews:
(Don’t hate me for using Eventhubs to find these old interviews.)
GameSpot’s Street Fighter X Tekken GamesCom interview : News :

Gamescom: Street Fighter X Tekken Details - Xbox 360 Preview at IGN

Street Fighter X Tekken not due for two years : News :
Confirmed Street Fighter Characters:
Ken Masters (
The HUD is also shown. There seems to be a super meter, and what seems to be space above the lifebar for the Ultra mechanic. Credit for blitzfu.)
Chun Li
Dan Hibiki (Debut Trailer.)

Confirmed Tekken Characters:
Kazuya Mishima
Nina Williams

Confirmed Stages:
A junkyard stage found in the gameplay trailer, has various Capcom nods in it, such as ServBot.
A jungle stage with Alex found on it. (??? ??? Oop! Is this shot SFxTK!? on Twitpic, this might affect Roger Jr’s and Alex’s chances in the game. I hope not. Credits to Doofensmirtz.)

Notable Information:
Unlike Super Street Fighter IV, the game is played 2 on 2, you choose 2 characters instead of one. It is unknown whether you play with both chosen characters but it is assumed as such.

The ultras from Super Street Fighter IV are back, but it is unclear if the circumstances to use them are the same, as it may or may not still be a comeback mechanic. The trailer shows tag team ultras, as the characters did them back to back. It is unknown if ALL the characters have tag team ultras, and it is also unknown how to perform them.

Capcom says that they are working on something to replace the Focus Attack system, so do not expect it to return.

Capcom is working in mechanics commonly found in Tekken’s engine (Such as the ground roll seen in the trailer.).

The combo system is said not to be the same as Street Fighter IV, Capcom is considering a system very similar to Darkstalker’s magic series. (The trailer shows Ryu performing a Heavy Punch -> Heavy Kick combination.)

The Tekken fighters are staying similar to their source material. Capcom is looking at all of them and picking movesets accordingly. It is assumed that the iconic moves found in the Tekken cast’s moveset (Such as the Godfist.) are to be used as specials, and various combos and moves from their movesets will be put in Capcom’s engine, with tweaks. (Kazuya has target combos reflecting this.)

The current rivalries are Ryu Vs. Kazuya and Chun Li Vs. Nina. It isn’t known if every character will have a rival, but Capcom will set some atleast.

Both Capcom and Namco are looking to include earlier generation of characters from both series. The general consensus is that Capcom is going to definitely include characters from Street Fighter 2 (And sequels.), but it isn’t outlandish to believe that Alpha, Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter 4 and even Street Fighter 1 characters may get into the roster. In Tekken’s case, Tekken 3 introduced a newer generation cast, so Tekken 1 and 2 characters may be hinted upon, while it also isn’t outlandish to believe that Tekken 3, 4, 5 and 6 characters won’t get in.

The roster is reported to be almost final. That was awhile ago, so by now I would figure that the roster has long been decided.

The game will release sometime in 2012, considering Capcom’s habits, it will be in first or second quarter of the gaming season.


Actually topics have been made several times…they were all deleted. I’d wait until Captivate, or until an official forum is made.


Oh? Had no clue. Games have had topics before they came out before stay up so hopefully mods will be lenient. :frowning:


Needs Eagle.


I’d take Geki instead. Though I would think that Adon and Gen are the only two with high chances. Since the game is a brand new game in terms of mechanics, stages and such, we can’t expect all the SF4 characters to make a return, so I’m betting that we could expect the mainstream new characters to make it, like Abel, Juri, Rufus, Hakan and/or Viper to come. I’d say Juri, Abel and Rufus (Especially if Bob makes it.) are almost guaranteed if any (S)SF4 characters make it in at all. For SF3 I would think Yun (Or Yang, one of the other.), Alex, Urien/Hugo and Sean have a chance. SFA, well, Rolento, Mika (Though the Battle Director doesn’t like her. rolls eyes), Karin and maybe one of the Dolls could sneak in there.


^ Adon and Gen are basically alpha characters… so yeah, decent chance. I always considered Geki, Joe, and Mike to basically have been (spiritually) replaced by Ibuki, Cody, and 'Rog too even though they’re not really replacements, they just have a similar vibe… …and who all have a good shot of being in SFxT.

Eagle is weird because he gets developed in a crossover game. No chance in hell for Retsu or Lee.

Interesting questions to consider for that: Do the Alpha/3s/New Challengers characters that got into SF4 have a greater chance to be in SFxT because of that, or a lesser chance because they’ve already had exposure?


I’d like to see characters that didn’t make the cut for the SF4 series too.

Sodom plz.

Or at least Eagle…


i want to like this game. i hope its cvs2 broken


I would guess some of the recently exposed ones won’t survive. I can see Dudley and Makoto coming back more than anything, just looking at possible rivalries. One way to look at it is that “The One” matchups (Like Fei Long Vs. Law) will make it in, fighting style similarities (Like Bruce and Sagat/Adon.) might make it in, and conceptual similarities will make it in (Like Ken and Paul, both being based in part off of each other.)


I wouldn’t be surprised if the game tops Marvel Versus Capcom 2 roster size, unless it is still slated to come out this fall.


Pretty sure it’s a 2012 release.


i still don’t see how this game will be dope but …yeah.


they (capcom and namco) should have just done cvs3 or tekken x vf tag


Well we don’t really know much at all about it, other than Ono and Harrada on stage mashing buttons. All we can think/hope about right now is that the charecters we’d like to see get in.


Don’t expect Capcom to do that. The game may be as big as the original SF4, then they’ll just cash out either by DLC, sequels or balance tweaks. Namco won’t hold out though, they always please fans. I only play very casual Tekken but they will make TxSF top notch.


from the pics and the engine it looked like ssfIV turbo with tekken characters…
its hard for me to get excited about tekken characters in a sf game. i play tekken and have since 2 and i have never had the desire to see them in a sf game and i don’t know anybody that plays tekken that has…

vf x tekken (or vice versa)? yeah, that’d be ok. it’d be interesting to play vf characters in the tekken engine and tekken characters in the vf engine.

but sf x tekken and tekken x sf are just too apples and oranges IMO.

IMO tekken x sf will definitely be better than sf x tekken. i trust namco more than capcom with their ideas and execution.


I’ve always wanted to see a Ryu VS Jin matchup, Ken VS Hwoarang… though I’m thinking would the Tekken characters as a whole be at a disadvantage since none would have projectiles : \ unless they incorporate that in their release.


I just care for SF X Tekken.Tekken x SF doesnt appeal to me i hate sidesteps since ps 1 times.
I hope its someting like CVS2 with many different SF chars and some that didnt made it into SF IV.


Not at all, if you watched the trailer, Kazuya had a few ways to get in on Ryu, the crouch dash and ground roll being two major factors. I can already tell that the game will be less projectiles than SSFIV. Also, if you think creative, Tekken characters have many ways to make up for their losses. Like Raven’s teleports, Yoshi’s various sword stances (Imagine punishing a fireball with a jumping Flea.), Jack’s jump slam, Kings chain throws, etc. Just think outside the box.


This is the link that hints at Ken’s appearance in SFxT (his pic is at the top of the lifebar along with Ryu, Chun Li, etc).

That would be awesome. I hope they get rid of Ultras and EX Attacks while they’re at it too. BTW do you have a link that confirms this and the other info?

More like Paul being based off Ken. Ken’s character design is at least 5 years earlier than Paul.

That would be me. Both games have been favorites of mine for many, many years and I always wondered what a crossover would look like. To be honest tho, I don’t think either game will play like SF or Tekken. That could be a good thing tho… I can’t friggin wait. = J


I’m on my PSP right now so I can’t do much but tomorrow I’ll find the ancient interviews about the gameplay mechanics and I’ll add that confirmation picture.