Street Fighter x Tekken, go, or no go?


I’m on kinda on the fence of buying sf x tekken. I’ve heard alot of bad things about it.

So, what I would like to know is: Is the online unplayable (on ps3), is the ultimate defence gems a problem that you run into alot?

I don’t care about your opinion on the gamemechanics, combo system or anything else “in depth” since it varies from person to person, I would just like to know if it’s completely unbalanced.


I can only speak for Xbox and Norway, and I say definite “Go”. I rarely meet anyone using assist gems (good enough that it bothers me anyway). As a lot of people have said: If assist gem users becomes a problem, avoid them, add good and none assist using players to your friends and play endless matches.

You should probably wait for someone from the US (Assuming you are American) and plays on PS3 to answer before rushing off to the store though!


rent that shit and find it for yourself


Well its already confirmed there will be a patch to fix the brokeness of Ryu Raven etc etc, so in due time things will balance out more. Right now its not very balanced though so its really up to you if you care to wait a few months or not. If you have some spare change I’d say get it.


Balance should be the least of your worries; the game is 2 months old.


I’d say rent/borrow it if you can to see if you like it, which is generally my recommendation for any game.


Here it goes again!


MVC2 is completely unbalanced, but it doesn’t stop it from being played competitively for 10+ years.

Just borrow or rent the game, and find out for yourself.


Yeah borrow or rent it. I personally like the game and think it’s good even though there’s some shit I dont find should be in this.


I like the game so I’m going to tell you yes.


Just wait for a bit. You’re going to get a better balanced/fixed version down the line and it’ll cost less, pretty much guaranteed.


Thank you guys for all your feedback :slight_smile: I’ve decided to sell my crappy games to cover the expenses(Call of duty Kappa) :slight_smile: Now I just have to find a team :S


Well the feelings of the community are mixed so I’d reccomend renting it and give it a try first.


Game is meh.


I agree, but only because of the way we try and play it. I think it could be so much more with the right mindset and Capcom doing the necessary balancing.


I’m curious, what is it about the way the community plays it that you believe makes it bad? With which mindset are you referring to? How should Capcom balance it to make it a better game?




I’ve been a supporter of the game since day one, and I’ve argued up and down about a lot of things related to it. Recently I’ve been having a hard time defending it against people though as I go back and play several other games, including SFA3, Marvel 3, SSF4, and DS3/Chaos Tower

Basically, I think that discounting gems is a terrible decision in tournaments. Capcom has already said the game is currently balanced with gems in mind – so a lot of the issues we’re having, such as time, for example, could be circumvented if we started to incorporate other elements of the game that were intended for use. Assist Gems are bad, we’ve established that, but at this point it is rather quick to select your gems for your characters and get into a match – there’s no reason we shouldn’t be using them at least on a trial basis to explore how they effect the flow of matches at high levels.

As far as the community is concerned – they never gave the game a chance. Even EVO being 2v2 seems like a choice made to help speed the game towards its demise and frankly, that’s one of the things that makes it bad: everyone keeps talking about how much they hate it when they haven’t given it an honest chance. This is the same thing they did with Vanila Marvel 3 and Ultimate – the only difference is, SFxTK doesn’t have 10 years of credit banked up to tap into to motivate people to play it the way Marvel 3 series inherited its credentials from Marvel 2. Mind you, Marvel 3 is very good at doing what it does, but if it had come out of the gate without Marvel 2 hype backing it up it probably would have a much slower start. All of that aside, it has only be 3 months since SFxTK landed and everyone writing it off like its been out for 6+ months with no patches. 3 months and 3 patches is not a bad rate – granted, Capcom has fumbled and fouled itself several times so far, but they are obviously trying. The community is killing this game with its naysaying more than anything bad about the game is killing it.

Balance wise – I don’t know. I do feel the jab weirdness needs to be fixed – you can claim back dash/alpha counter/etc as a solution to it, but the very existence of it is counter intuitive to the basic principles Capcom’s slower 2D games are based on – the same goes for jump ins, which are incredibly powerful for almost no risk. Even trading with ground normals (Which happens a lot, as most characters have awkward anti-air normals with no priority) is favorable.

I feel the game could easily be salvaged and made manageable as is, even, if the community just opened up to it more – but everyones so caught up in the flashiness of Marvel 3 its hard to argue for people to give the game a chance. I feel like the June patch could be the game’s saving grace, but really, if we got a high profile tournament for SFxTK (particularly if EVO changed to 1v1, which I was against but after spending 4+ hours a day grinding just to find out my partner hasn’t turned his PS3/360 on in weeks, I wholeheartedly agree that 2v2 is disadvantageous to al ot of people and needs to be corrected.)


The gems issue is largely due to the fact that Capcom made it nearly impossible to efficiently implement them into a tournament system, which is a GROSS oversight on their part. The USB flash drive idea is a completely stupid idea that didn’t make any sense from concept. But yes, the games were designed for use with gems, which is why Evo is allowing the use of gems, as well as many large weekly gatherings, such as WNF. There is no doubt that gems are meant to be played with the game.

Community never gave it a chance, but then again, with so many games coming out on the market, people are getting pretty picky about which games they want to invest time in. Unfortunately, first impressions are often the lasting impression, and SFxT made a pretty bad first impression for the community overall. 2v2 system is most definitely a mistake that Evo organizers made. It’s fine if it’s done as a fun tournament, but for main stage games, it should always be 1v1. This, coupled along with retarded assist gems, and DLC gems that make it a nightmare to run for TO’s, SFxT is starting to leave a sour taste in many people’s mouths. You can patch the game all you want, but if people hate it from the get-go, constant patching is going to little to boost its popularity.

This is largely why I stick to tested, classic fighting game communities. Don’t have to deal with all this drama from the community, I just play the game I love, that has withstood the test of time in a competitive environment, and all is well.


The quick select system they introduced actually works pretty well if you learn your gems, honestly. I’ve watched tournament streams where poeple have gone through and selected them quite quickly, and honestly, its no more time consuming than a Marvel 3 button check.