Street Fighter X Tekken Match Critique Thread

It’s quite obvious that a lot of the sub forums in the X Tekken forum lacks activity, most importantly, match video activity. This thread is a place for ALL players to come and get advice as to how you can improve. Not matter what your rank is, win or lose, I urge everybody to submit their video, if you feel you need advice. Ryan Hunter, and I hope many other great players will post advice for players to progress.

Just try to keep a few things in mind, don’t let your ego get in the way of progress. If somebody says your footsie game is weak, then look to improve it. If somebody says your anti airs are off and you play a character with strong anti airs, THEN IMPROVE IT!

And the criteria for your video is this:

It doesn’t have to be picture perfect, I understand that more than most. But it must be viewable. IE, we can see EXACTLY what’s going on. My video below should be an example of what we’re looking for.


I guess as I created this thread, I should put up a video. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well my set with Robofobe should be up next week so I’ll post it in here for criticising :smiley:

This is a great idea, but how will it exactly work? Like, if someone posts a video, what’s the time/matches limit for each video? Also, if they post, how much time should they wait before posting another? And can anyone post advices for those players?

I hope it will be in this formula:

Post a match.

Get feedback.

Apply said feedback in your following match.

Then repost a new video were you’ve tried to implement the advice you received and ask again.

But, I am open to all suggestions. So, if anybody can come up with a solid formula, feel free to post it here.

As for advice, if you feel your opinion could help a player, then feel free to advise them. If you feel there’s a glaring weakness which needs to be addressed, feel free to respond. Ryan Hunter has already given me his word that he’ll be willing to help, granted, he said he’s not willing to critique whole sets. He said he’s willing to critique 1-3 matches, which I feel is very good. I hope many other strong players will be willing to contribute also, as I guarantee they’ll see things in your gameplay that you wouldn’t spot.

In regards to waiting for a response, I hope that players will be able to get a response swiftly, the X Tekken forum is very active, and I hope this thread will be too.

Great idea! As far as I understand that, it doesn’t matter how long or how often and everybody can reply. Is that correct?

Work on your anti airs. There were a few time where you let your opponent jump in on you. You really shouldn’t have put those jabs in after the launcher combos since they scale the combo. You were dropping combos quite a bit so you may want to work on them in the lab until you can do them with your eyes closed. At 3:25. it looked like you probably could have gotten a much bigger punish then throw.

I don’t play Ryu or Ken but can’t their dps or supers punish joudan on block?

Hey, OZ. Thanks for the response. You’re the first person to give feedback, congrats. :slight_smile:
My ken confirms online kinda suck, I do need to spend more time with him. You are certainly right about the anti air’s, the did go unpunished. Again, that LMHH is a force of habit which needs to be cut out, I can confirm much better than that.
At 3:25, I was trying to go for the reverse blockable setup, I got it all wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem with me is: I’m not the best player, but I love theory fighting. So I usually know more than what I can do :slight_smile:
I missed the donkey punish too, even if you just go into LP-HP-Launch,etc. It’s -6 now afaik.
Oh, and yeah a few mexican uppercuts here and there :slight_smile:
Will probably try to record a few matches tomorrow.

I know what you mean, I’m the best theory fighter around. :slight_smile:
With the Joudan punish, I’m afraid of SRK, as that’s the new Ryu mix up.
Yes, I agree, those bootleg uppercuts wouldn’t have hurt.
I’ll be ready to critique you harshly come tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Donkey-Srk Mixup?? Wooot? :wink:
The Donkey is still -6 whatever they throw out after. Evertime I see one of these bloody Ryus I just wait to squeeze my LP/MP in there :smiley:
Can’t wait for your critique. Have to look for a recent match now.

In addition to what OZleon said, @1:01, after an EX Joudan I believe it’s better (to connect) if you jump with HK instead of HP, then do cr. MK and Tatsumaki if you have no bars left. After a launch, you can do cr. HP, CADC, cr.HP, Shoryuken or Tatsumaki for better damage. And in the corner, @1:19, after a tag cancel, you could have done cr.HP, lk Joudan, cr.HP, lk Tatsumaki for better damage too.

I noticed most Ryu’s will only use that SRK bs if your rushdown is really scary to them. Of course there are flowchart Ryu players out there that will mash out SRK everytime they get touched so you never really can be too sure. You were smart to just wait it out and look for a more surefire punish. Realistically the only time you wanna punish a Joudan is when Ryu has no meter.

Thanks for the tag combo advice. :slight_smile: You know, we discussed it in the Ryu forum, but it’s better to do a Cr.Hp after EX Joudan, it does more damage.

Yep, that’s the ‘new’ Ryu tech, meter or not.
I look forward forward to seeing Gief/Dudley play. :smiley:

I can’t wait to critique dat Gief.

Sorry, but am I missing something here? If a Joudan is -6, it’s -6. Unless Ryu’s Srk now can roll back time, I think it doesn’t matter if Srk is 2, 3 or 57 frames startup with unlimited invulnerability. You punish Joudan, done!


I always thought that SRK’s would come out, as it has start up invincibility. I’ve always been hit out of what I tried to do if they input SRK after a Joudan. Although it could be online.

@Intuitive: That match was either super laggy or your execution is not very good because you both kept dropping easy combos all the time.

But besides practicing execution:

There’s no point in doing a raw Sweep with Ryu and not canceling it into CADC. You did this many times. It doesn’t do anything and it’s not safe. So if you’re going to use Sweep at least special cancel into something.

You also kept doing stuff like xx Hadoken. What does that even do?

If you’re going to fish for something at mid-range you might as well buffer tatsu so you can switch cancel and get like 400+ damage on hit or even just BC launch which would be much better than what you are doing. xx Hadoken is a silly habit from SF4 that you need to drop imo. Unless you are too close and just want to push them back then it’s ok.

2:00 - you land a xx tatsu xx switch cancel but then with Ken you go for a throw instead of guaranteed 300 damage. You probably thought you were a little too late on the switch there, but you weren’t.

Your punishes are really weak. And I mean REALLY REALLY WEAK.

2:22 - you make his DP whiff and for punish you try to hit confirm with link or chain into EX DP. Why? You could just do fierce into HP DP xx Switch for 400+ easy instead of scaling the damage down with useless links/chains. Or simply do fierce xx EX joudan BnB (maybe that’s what you were trying too but you still tried to hit confirm).

End of second round, you drop you ABC launcher that could have saved you. So find a better and more reliable chain. st.hp is often out of range so use instead. Or if you’re not sure if fierce/roundhouse is going to reach, don’t even try it and go for manual launcher.

3:34 - Again, you make a DP whiff and try to hit confirm. We call it a punish because it’s guaranteed damage. You hit confirm when you’re not sure if opponent is going to block or not. But when they whiff something and are in recovery frames they can’t block. So no need to hit confirm. You max damage punish starting with your most powerful special cancellable normal, or simply with a special move xx switch.

3:24 - By far my biggest face palm. You punished a raw tag with a throw… That’s basically giving up 500 free damage for no reason at all.

So punishing is something you really need to work on. Because it is a huge weakness and you will continue losing a lot until you understand the importance of max punishing everything. It’s a shame because you seem to be good a baiting and making reversals whiff, but you just never capitalize on it.

On the good side, you did some good raw launcher frame traps from time to time. I think you were just desperate half of the time. But still, keep using raw launcher like that it’s very good and remember that you can always switch cancel on block and cancel the run early. Although with Ryu you can usually just frame trap with and get the same result so Launcher is mostly when you are in negative frames and would get counter hit (ex: after Sweep xx CADC, would lose to crouch jab mashing but raw Launcher would win).


A few notes…
-This match happened BEFORE the DLC characters released, meaning it was the first time I ever faced them.
-I don’t main either Ryu or Guile but instead use Rolento.
-I’m posting this vid so people ignore it and instead check out the rest of my page, which I’m pretty proud of. :smiley:

Let me know if you have a fighting game Youtube page, I’ll gladly sub.

lol wait, Intuitive was the Abel/Ryu guy or the Ryu/Ken? :oops:

edit: ok nvm. So my last post is still relevant. :smiley: