Street Fighter X Tekken Newbie


I’ve played Tekken obsessively. I used to play Super Street Fighter II on the snes alot for a time, but that was a long long time ago. But yes, I’ve played Tekken alot. So much so, my friends at one point got annoyed by it. They’d come over, I was playing Tekken almost every time. I started with Tekken 4 (but picked up Tekken 3 as well) and have been playing the Tekken series obsessively ever since, but unfortunately, it wasn’t until last year I ever played online, now living in South Florida and trying to gain new friends all over again.

That said, I suck against anybody who knows what they are doing in any fighting game. Against newbies I kick most of their asses up and down the halls, but anyone who knows there stuff, beats me rather easily. Also, I play on PS3 and am a pad player. Which definitely puts me in somewhat of a minority among those who want to become competitive in fighting games.



any kind of help you can provide would be appreciated. You can point out the flaws in my gameplay, give me pointers on it or whatever. I just really want to get to be better at this game at least



Block uppercuts and punish them for at least 400 damage.

Blocking is your best button.

You do tag cancels by hitting the two medium buttons. It costs a meter, switches your character, and resets the juggle count.


Yeah, it seems like you are too focused on getting a hit in and/or doing a combo you may or may not have practiced in training mode.

Why do players anti-air reversal on wakeup?
Either it’s because they think you are going for a jump-in, throw, or blockstring as you get up.

Why do new players anti-air reversal on wakeup?
Because they forgo the thought process behind you punishing or blocking it for the opportunity to do quick and easy damage.

If you believe the player you are fighting wants to **DO more than THINK, just play patiently. **Bait and punish. Practice doing safe jumps after a knockdown, and whiffing normals that are safe from a certain range. These are essentially feints for the opponent to mash into. Get the dog to bite.


Where in South Florida do you live? We have a pretty active scene, take a look at some of these threads if you are interested in starting out competitively:


Its good to be aggressive, but its better to block, bait a mistake and punish than relentless rush down. Also dont jump in too often as you will eat alot of anti airs. You might wanna hit the lab and experiment post launch combos as well.


I’ve played Tekken obsessively. I used to play Super Street Fighter II on the snes alot for a time, but that was a long long time ago.


Hmm…agreed. I need to get my defensive game a lot better. I do tend to use the two medium buttons for all my tagging, but it seems like I’m tagging at random moments on accident. That said, I’ll put what you said into account for future matches.

Mmm. So that means I’ll have to learn to be more patient. Makes sense.

Thanks a whole bunch, I’ll look right into them! (I live in Pembroke Pines btw.)

That’ll be a difficult habit to break. Most fighting games I’ve played, jumping alot has been a very useful tactic against AI…I just gotta remember I’m fighting real people now and make my muscle memory remember that. -_- and yeah, sounds like I got alot more training to do.


First, we are all new to sfxt… game has only been out a week.

After watching your videos, my advice is repeating what others have mentioned… only thing i’ll add is when you push a button, make sure there is a purpose behind it. You seem to like jumping and pressing buttons all the time ( i mean who doesnt), but you will get punished left and right. I reccommend reading the sonic hurrican footsie guide. That alone will help you in all areas of fighting games.


Well yeah, but the title was the best I could come up with, since that skill level I stated also covers how I do in most fighting games. thanks for the tips tho