Street Fighter x Tekken: PC Adventures


Just recently I decided to do a video series of making commentary analysis of matches which I’ve had and will have in SFxT PC. I made this thread here so that I could get constructive criticism as to how to improve my videos, commentary, and gameplay. I also hope that you subscribe because I also have plans to upload and make commentary analysis on matches of other players in SFxT PC as well. I hope you enjoy the video. :slight_smile:


Nice matches. Great PC connection hardly noticed any lag.


Not really. It’s a matter of playing against people with strong connection :V


Well, it IS a replay… :smiley:




ahh good point. I heard PC netcode patch is coming next week!


Say what, brotha?


patch will probably be available in a week or so.


As stated in the first episode of PC Adventures, I have made another series of matches of other players


This is good. I’ve started to do some on my videos too but my head set microphone is no good. I need a new one.

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Thanks for the praise. ^^
As of now, I’m trying to find out how to add audio censor to my videos because in the next episode, I’ll be uploading two replays where I beat certain opponents 2-5 seconds before they could win with time-outs and I’m going to be ranting like hell. So stay tuned for that. ^


New Episode. Please post feedback either on this thread or at the video page so that my next videos can be better. derp


You’re too close to the mic, making all those unpleasant pop noises when you talk/breath. If you can, try to improve that.

And although this might be a personal preference, you might want to up the volume of ingame sounds. I think you’re being way too cautious about having your voice heard over the game. Since you mentioned him, look at the vids Maximilian makes for reference. Of course, you can’t afford the same audio levels since his mic is much better, but at the moment…I can’t hear a thing. And that means the vid gets dull reeeeally fast from all the silence.


yep, if you gonna do commentary on constant basis, you need to buy a decent mic. voice is what makes commentary fun to watch, if voice falls apart so does the vid.


Thanks, I’m going to practice talking on the mic loudly while not being too close to it. I’ll also remember to make the game’s audio louder on my computer so that it can also be picked up on the mic.


Hi, I remembered playing you. You must be wondering why I left the lobby once I see your name.

Well, I just picked up this game a few days ago, the reason was that the connection with you weren’t exactly smooth initially (teleportations etc), and you were obviously levels ahead of me. Yesterdays connection was pretty smooth though, but I still can’t get anywhere near you unfortunately.

Cut me some slack, I’m still trying to figure things out. Peace:)


No harm done, everybody starts of lousy at a game, all it takes is experience. I just have fun with SFxT, that’s why I’m willing to put time practicing my set-ups and combos. And I can definitely understand connection issues, I always avoid people I have weak connections with, the first couple of times I played with people I had weak connections with, I wanted to kill myself ten times over. Hopefully, Capcom will release the patch within the week, like they promised.


hey man when is the next episode?


Sorry 'bout that dude. I haven’t been playing SFxT for a while because I’m focusing on my studies (I live in the philippines BTW, so are time of summer is different from western seasons). My hiatus will end somewhere october since that’s when the semester ends, so please stay tuned. Sorry for any inconvenience I’ve caused. ^_^;


Keep up the good work.