Street Fighter X Tekken PC Contest Thread!


Just bought a new pc so would love to try this out! Fighting games on the pc are far and few between.


I Want to play Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 on PC because PC is a great platform and I usually try to get any PC Ports of console games I can just to support the overall playerbase. I feel the more frequent support and feedback based updates on SFXT is a great step for Capcom and definitely wanna be a part of that kind of game experience.


So I can prepare for EVO!


I want to play Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 on PC because I just finished building my pc and I have no real games to try out on it… and of course I love what they did to paul on the newest patch!! cody… not so much :frowning:


I’ve been wanting to play Street Fighter X Tekken ever since my Xbox live ran out a few months ago. I can’t really say what the changes are since I haven’t experienced it but MAN! I would play the crap out of it! I’m an thirsty as all hell and I need my thirst!!! help me… help me… … help…


I want to play Street Fighter x Tekken on PC so I can multitask my work while playing. :slight_smile:


I want to play SFxT on PC because I am really new to the fighting game community, and I think this game looks cool. I really like video games but at the moment I can’t buy a console :frowning: So I really appreciate if I could play it. Also, I have been wanting to play it ever since the trailer came out. I think personally, Cole (PS3 exclusive) Should have more health :smiley:


I want to play SFxT on PC because I feel like getting this game on the pc would be a great game to play with my friends who are just getting into fighters.


I already have SFxT on PS3, but I’ve been playing on consoles less and less, and pretty much only play fighting games on them these days. I think as consoles get closer to becoming PC’s, there is less and less reason to have a console save of exclusive games. If I had SFxT on my computer, I would be able to keep my stick plugged in all day and train conveniently without having to leave the machine that I also rely on for work and communication. I can just minimize to look up videos and get on SRK. I’m never going to be a top tourney player, but at least I can get closer to where I want to be as a player more easily.


I can’t play on my Xbox that often due to relatives hogging the TV so SFxT for PC would give me time to practice/learn more about the game


I want to play Street Fighter x Tekken on PC because I can’t afford to purchase XBox LIVE at the moment, and I don’t own a PS3. Besides, the majority of my friends play on PC anyways, and I would like to join them. I was reluctant to get into the game when it was first released, but now with the Ver.2103 patch, every problem has been addressed and I believe I would really enjoy the game. The skin modding capability is definitely another reason why I want to play it on PC.


I was actually quite satisfied to see the changes they made to the game. Overall it has made the game much more playable. I’ve played with friends a few times since the patch released and have absolutely loved it. I would love a copy of it for pc because i have issues with my 360 reading disc so it would be great to have a copy of a fighting game I can actually play.


Cause I like playing fighting games on PC! Vanilla SFIV is one of my most played games on Steam, yet I never got any other Capcom fighters there due to money or time constraints. I would love to win this! :smiley:




I want to play the game with a better understanding of who I’m playing against. I do like playing on PS3, it has a lot of variety of players. The only downside is the deceptive connection bars. I only accept ranked fights from players with 2 bars of whatever the bars measure or more. The system is flawed though, you enter a game you think will be okay but, it turns out to be crap. Also I can be less angry about the fact that I’m playing with characters on the disc that I can’t access because I don’t have an access code.


I want to play SFxT on PC because the 2013 patch just came out and it’s just another game I can demolish the almighty dodger Kai in.


Wanna play in my PC because I wanna get rid of my Xbox when the PS4 comes out!

Please are always gonna have something complain about the 2013 patch, but I really dug just because it was the first time I saw a balance patch that was consistent. With the patch, now every character has a good anti air, no braindead defensive tools, a good high-damage combo ender and have to play smart to tag out safely. Sure, there will always be top and bottom tiers, but at least everybody has the basic tools to have a real match.


This game is ridiculously addicting!


I like the patch changes. If anything, because the Tekken characters are a lot more powerful this time and I want to play with the more.


I would love to play it for a couple reasons:

  1. just recently built my computer and would love to play sfxt on it
  2. start streaming matches
  3. i love the game, everything about it and i personally think it looks amazing on pc