Street Fighter X Tekken PC Contest Thread!


Post-patch, SFxT is so exciting to watch, and play. The faster tempo, larger cast of competitive fighters, and easier to grasp battle system combine to make this fighter way more enticing to throw into the mix. Plus, Combofiend’s commentary videos have been wearing my SFxT reservations waaayyy down!

This title may dethrone SFAE 2012, and take over as the watercooler-like PC fighter of choice during lunch breaks. Dem teams!


I sold my ps3 to gather more funds for my college books.


at first when I heard about the patch I thought awesome, hworang, my main in every tekken game is top tier but now I’m thinking if I win… I’m gonna be playing a lot of mirror matches =O My general thought’s about the patch is that it’s awesome that Capcom pays so much attention to their products. Hate em’ all you want for DLC, but every company does it… Capcom just got caught


i personally enjoy SFxT more than SSF4. been playing the game since day 1 on consoles. dealt with some imbalances and bugs (rolento) in the game. it’s fun. more on footsies and creative combos. when 2013 came out it’s much better to play now. capcom did a good job balancing the roster although some i still find OP (chun-li, jin) i wanna try SFxT on the pc though. maybe i can play on my laptop while on breaks.


Mostly I’d like it because I just got a new PC and am finally able to play games on it! Also I love the 2013 patch, and it’s great that it’s making the game get more respected within the community. Pre-patch, even though I still thought it was a good game and liked it a lot, it was essentially the throw-away game.


I’m a PC gamer so I need the PC version to enjoy SFxT! Looks like a great game and includes awesome characters!


I have yet to give it an honest shot but it looks loads better. I love all the Tekken characters though. So much variety.


I usually just play blazblue and tekken, would be cool to get into a capcom fighter. Just general knowledge about how the fixed the timer issue and abusable gems in respectable. Also PC edition has anyone seen them mods, so sexy!


Balance is amazing compared to the original. Been waiting to get on that pc hype.


Balanced, still slow as hell though.


I want this because the only modern fighting game out on PC is SF4 and it is damn boring. New patch is beautiful, a great example of how intelligently done updates can greatly improve a flawed game.


It is much more convenient to play on PC than on a console, IMO, especially since I’m on my PC all the time anyway.


I don’t want to pay money for it.


Xbox RROD. PC is the only way I can play any fighting games.


The new patch fixed a lot of issues and made a lot of good balance changes to make characters more viable and fun. I want to play it on PC for the netcode and to play around with costume mods.


I want to play SFxT on PC because I find myself playing on console less and less.

So far I like the changes made in 2013.


I get better gaming playing sfxt online on pc


This game has so many characters that I like! Just needs Karin to be perfect =)


Balance seems alright, can’t comment to much on it since I haven’t played this against pros.

I want to play this on PC, for the obvious better graphics and let’s not forget PC Master Race!


Because my high end PC can run it with better graphics. Also, mods galore!