Street Fighter X Tekken - PRO - ANNOYING SQEAK

so yeah i got an arcade stick (first one ever) and have been using it for about a week or more and notice when i go left with the stick is squeaks which worries me cause i think its gonna break down or something, i wanna opening it up and check whats wrong with it but im a stick noob and afraid i will self destruct my stick, anyone no the problem or recommend me a solution being very specific lol. ty

Sounds like the pivot needs lubricating.

You’ll need to dismantle the joystick to do so, then apply some silicone grease or other suitable lubricant. Look at the website for further assistance.

i think its the microswitch cause i took it out and didnt squeak, i cleaned it and it didnt squeak for five minute and started squeaking, what happens if i dont fix the squeak will it affect the stick in a long or short term

Hard to say really.

If its the Microswitches, you can replace that easily
Best case scenario nothing happens except you have your annoying squeak, worst case scenario the switch dies and you have to replace it any ways

If the switch is squeaking then open it up by taking the lid off and find out why. If it’s dirt then clean it. If it needs lubricating then apply only a tiny amount and keep it well away from the contacts.

i have no idea how to take the switch apart, is there like a video or something that would show, and thnx guys for helping me, really helpful. if worse to come ill just buy another microswitch and swap it with my trusty hammer (:

This should help you (might want to mute the sound because the bgm is super loud):

fixed the squeak, your all legends thnx all