Street Fighter x Tekken review thread

Didn’t see any threads about this, sorry if someone else made one.

IGN posted a review. Seemed to like the game, but this part of their score really made me laugh. But we all know IGN sucks, so whatever.

Lasting Appeal 8.5
There’s a decent amount of fighters to master, as well as some engaging multiplayer modes.

Really shows that most media writers have 0 clue about fighting games. But again, we all knew that I guess.

Famitsu Review Scores in Issue 1213.

Street Fighter X Tekken:
[]Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3) – 9/8/9/9 [35/40]
]Street Fighter X Tekken (360) – 9/8/9/8 [34/40]
Source: 1 | 2 | 3


Overall: 9/10


Does anyone who is a well respected tourney player do reviews based on how they feel the game will do as a competitive game?

Thats what I want to see, though it won’t effect me buying it or not.

[]Eurogamer – 9
]GamesRadar – 8
[]Eurogamer Germany – 9
]Videogamer – 8
[]GodisaGeek – 9
]IncGamers – 9
[]GameTrailers – 8.3
]IGN - 9.0

Does everyone else believe that Hugo’s voice is well done?

Here’s my review


Same here. I’d like to hear a top player review other than “yo mayn this game is gawdlike!!!” - mike ross

Alright. No top player here, just your average online warrior that does decent with enough fundamental thinking while playing fighting games in general.

Here’s my review.

Game comes with a color manual, system information, etc.

Arcade Mode; cream of crop stuff here. Nothing special, wade through some prerendered CGI and narration and end up with some story endings that make no sense. DON’T CARE. Although I think they tweaked the AI quite some, at times I felt like I was playing a real person because I found myself getting zoned out hard like… CPU Rufus poking me faraway with c.HP? Antiairing me with c.MP properly? wtf?

Versus Mode; the buttery stuff. Gem and button checks at character menu, etc etc. Same as what you’d expect from most games.

>Online Battle -

  • Ranked Match: This is all blind match making now. Filters whatever you can connect to. Although I did catch a replay of a point booster, I have no idea how that was possible to do.
  • Endless Battle: Lobbies are 6 players now. There is a new setting for the creator to go as a “Host”, you are a permanent spectator and all battles are saved to your log. This is great for online streaming and tournaments.
  • Scramble Battle: Same thing as endless but for the 4 player thinger.
  • Briefing Room: Co-op training mode.
  • Partner Settings: Filter settings to pair up with people to do the scramble or tag stuffs.
    >Replay Channel
  • Battle Log: There’s now a 50 most recent replays listed here for your review.
  • My Collection: Your saved replays
  • My Channel: Show replays to your friends in a lobby
  • New Replays: Most current ranked uploads from around the net
  • Elite Channel: High ranked players ranked matches that were uploaded.
  • Character Channel: Filters randomly selected replays by the character of your choice on any team including them. I assume these are ranked matches.
    >Rankings: Same as AE with the top to bottom, you can follow up to 10 players now for replays they upload through ranked matches.

Training Mode: You can train alone, with another person, pick any stage you want and any floor if they have it. Recording dummy sessions is seemingly unlimited. I tested for about a minute before I turned it off. So now you can kind of simulate scenarios on a given match up or situation and just roll out all your possibilities without a limit like other games.

Challenge Modes

  • Trial: Just like SF4, these are all laid out in a similar scheme: unique moves/specials, links, links into chains, juggle and situational combos
  • Mission: Various player versus CPU controlled battles. Certain conditions are placed and you must clear them under it. Losing some of these challenges will boot you back to the beginning ala fighting 4 CPU, you lose and you start at the first guy again.
  • Tutorial: Explains system mechanics and fighting on a basic level.


  • Gem Unit: Love it or hate it, you customize it here.
  • Quick Combo: Design your macro combos. These use up one stock meter if you do it. They are default hotkeyed to LP/HK, and LK/HP. You may not turn them off so you won’t be plinking something like Akuma’s raging demon (-1 point)
  • Character Color: Edit colors for your characters, up to three custom. Supposedly there will be 60 color palettes available.
  • Battle Profile: Edit your title, and a player comment (there’s three pages long and a lot more phrases to use now)

Player Data

  • Player Records: Game statistics. You may like this if you’re Asian.
  • Character Records: Usage, win percentage, etc…

As for things like gameplay, I have sunk about 36 hours into the game so far since I bought it Friday. That’s half my weekend spent. And guess what? With all the doom and gloom, I really like this game. Most of my time was spent playing with a few people, doing a lot of the trials on the TEKKEN side, few on the Street Fighter side and just seeing how this marriage worked out between Capcom and Namco. I think Capcom nailed it.

Although the Tekken characters play differently, they’re given a unique twist and interpretation of how they can be made to work in the SF universe and playing field. Control scheme was a big worry, but most of the big moves were given the Capcom QCF, DP, HCF kind of treatment. Some of the familiar strings you have in Tekken were just changed to be given back or forward command normals and you hit them in sequence. I like how the scheme works here for them. If you have played any Tekken games or tried to like I have, you’ll be pretty overwhelmed with the notations and format people use. it’s more basic here but I feel they play just as good looking as they do in the Tekken games.

There’s almost a dozen stages I think, but a few of them have multiple sections that change as your fight goes past the first round. So it’s a nice change of scenery. Some of the stage has wonky music but others are really good. My favorite is the Cosmic Elevator (the one where Metallic Zangief is hanging off the window).

There’s a lot of fan service here. Some of these characters I didn’t expect to be included in the game but were announced. I’m talking about Poison, Hugo, Elena, Megaman… what the heck? It’s so crazy up in here. People think this game is scrubbed up for the masses but it’s not. That’s like saying all you need for Marvel is the magic series. The chains in this game do such shitty damage, people will get past it after the first week. Although for some cheap punishes, they are useful.

As a result of all this Tekken character meddling, I’m eagerly awaiting TTT2.

Hope this helps. Have fun when you get the game Tuesday.

No way to turn off the macro combo shit is really stupid, hopefully there will be a way around this sooner or later, can you set the macro combo to nothing maybe?

You may only unmap single buttons shortcuts. LP+HK and LK+HP are the hard coded buttons to perform them in the game.

don’t have a copy yet what do those macros do exactly?

They’re a shortcut button. Like using a pad trigger to do 3punches, throw, focus, tag, launcher, etc.

Haunts and Clockwork do fighting game reviews and those are the only ones I’d trust tbh.
although gamespot picking KoF13 as fighter of 2011 has made me think they have at least started to get their act together.

Gamespot. 8.5:

you should wait for the Haunts review on 1up.

It seems that online has problems, expect a patch in the next months.

Interesting… Care to explain ?

There is some reports about lag on some matches and sound problems, you can find more info. in the netcode thread.

Seems fun so far, there is a lot to learn and I enjoy the superficial stuff like the stages and story mode and all the rest. It’s going to be hard to criticize the mechanics without putting them through some real stress, but I’m not sure it’s as solid as SFIV, seems like more of a Mugen type game which was great in it’s own right. It also feels like KoFXI for some strange reason.

I can’t see the review from Gametrailers. You sure it’s for SFxT and not their UMvC3 review (because UMvC3 got 8.3).

Here is the review from Destructoid, overall it’s very positive, definitely encouraging from a review standpoint.