Street Fighter X Tekken (Rose)

I really hope she makes the cut, but I have huge doubts. If she doesn’t I’m considering Poison and Lili for a full replacement / alternate for SFxT. How about you guys.

gonna be playing Vega for definite. SF side i want Elena or Rose :stuck_out_tongue: Tekken i’ll play Xiaoyu

I really hope Rose is in because my friend mains Chun and we talk about fighting side by side with our mains…

Will the next characters announcement on February? - rafaelmartines

Ono: some characters in end of Jan, and some character in mid of Feb! ;D


Odd me and my bro planning the same thing with the same characters (he is rose i am chun)

although im learning ryu as an alt, I know its not very original, but as a balanced character with better wake up and stamina, but still great zoning means this latest attempt at an alt might actually work out.

Ryu?? can’t Hate, because he is well rounded.

Gotta go with Rolento/Yoshimitsu. Been watching some Rolento footage, and if he made it into SF4, there’s no doubt he would’ve been top tier. c.MK xx backroll? or c.MK sjc? or c.MK xx easy rekka confirm? Yeah I’m sold on him. + Yoshimitsu and I almost feel like I have Seth in the 2 combined. Maybe even closer if I load up on speed gems…

Guys, if you want Rose to be in SFxTK tweet Ono about it. Chances are probably slim to none, but as Arturo mentioned last night, Ono does read and listen to our tweets/voices.

Look at how far Poison and Elena fans have gotten.

Apparently Heihachi has a tag-cancellable reflect and an EX version that wallbounces. 0.0

So far Im loving Poison and Lili and Nina,Those might be the only three i use in the whole game :frowning: go vote for Rose to be in TxSF on facebook guys… That would be Amazing to see her in a Tekken Game :slight_smile:

for any of you interested: looks like keshikaran is going with lili and law…

I know that Xiaoyu can reflect fireballs with her rain dance stance ( :b: + :k::k::k: ) :k:'s. :lk: shoots them horizontally, :mk: sends them diagonal-up, :hk: sends them straight up.

To any of you fellow Rose players that have played SFxT so far, what do you think of Poison? She isn’t exactly the same obviously but I think that Poison plays a lot like Rose. I’m still sad that she didn’t make the cut, though. My team was going to be Poison/Rose. :frowning:

I feel the same way,over all i think Poison is the Rose of SFxT, she can zone but sucks at it, she can rush but sucks at it, and does no damage,even with a srk and a rekka LMAO…But Rose Poison would’ve been awesome :slight_smile: Rose has better tools than Poison IMO

Rose / Asuka would’ve been better IMO…or Rose / Chun…Poison is just too…ugh

so hotaru-ish

and poison is so mature-ish

It’d be sweet if Rose and Dee-Jay could make the cast.

Why the poison hate lol, I think poison would be a beast if she was in AE, i really like her.

Poison <3.

Can’t replace Rose, but it almost fills the void :o.

Nina fills the void in conjunction with Poison though :>

Cool, Nina Poison is my team :), I didn’t even think i would like nina as much as i do,Or Lili and Julia

I’m also using Poison/Nina lol. Nina is really good… I just wish she wasn’t so boring.