Street Fighter X Tekken Signature Series Guide : Brady Games

Anyone know who the authors of this are? I have seen / heard that the Ultimate Marvel Bible was really good and want to get this but I want to ensure that it will have the same quality as the Marvel one.

I’m not sure, but I would be shocked if it wasn’t high quality. Brady Games knew they knocked it out of the park with the original MvC3 guide, and they made sure to follow it up even better with the Ultimate guide. There’s no way in my opinion they drop the ball on SFxT, especially knowing how much the hardcore fanbase appreciated their efforts. Mine is pre-ordered.

it depends, not everything bradygames do is gold…actually their SSFIV guide wasn’t that good~

the marvel ones were though because of the people who wrote it, i don’t know who is doing the guide, however i dont think they are going to go back to what they used to do, considering how well their MVC3 guides sold. we’ll know more about the guide upon release(i still pre-ordered mines just in case). its rather cheap too considering how much i spend for the SCV, and FFXIII/-2 guides(but all those books are worth the $$$) so even if its just for frame data, i think its worth checking out.

In ShadyK’s Cross Assault audition video, he said Clockw0rk was not allowed to audition. So I think Clockw0rk is working on the guide, which means Campbell Tran and the others should be as well.

I was just about to make this thread, I was curious as to who would write this. Hopefully it’s on the same calibre as the MvC3/UMvC3 guides.

I really hope this is at least on par with the marvel guides. Those were amazing.

They have an image of the front cover on and it’s some of the same folks as the marvel guide. not all of them though

edit - more facts

the marvel guide was useless as soon as the first patch came out.

im never buying a strategy guide for a fighting game again after that crap

I don’t where you got that information from, but the marvel guide didn’t become useless after the first patch the only thing that changed was sentinel’s hit point value everything else remained the same.

I’ve already ordered it but I wonder if we’ll get a sneak-peak soon. I’ll bet it’ll make trying out various characters a lot easier.

Yeah the guide was even ahead of the playerbase for a lot of characters (and not so much for others…), like saying Dante’s hammer was ridiculously good and should be abused with it’s invincibility, which people didn’t start doing until later. It also mentioned tron’s assist as godlike etc.
I won’t be picking the guide up because I’m not really into this game, but if they keep the same quality as the MvC3 ones it’s definetly a must have for anyone playing SFxT.

You should have read the patch notes man.

You can read a few names in the corner using the zoom-in tool.

Joe Epstein, Daniel Maniago (clock), Logan Sharp, and Josh Richardson. No buktooth.

Clock was one of the ones involved in making the guide according to the cross assault stream, so get it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Most of the people who worked on OG MvC3 and UMvC3 returned for SFxT. Unfortunately, circumstances kept some out of this go-round. That said, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The SFxT guide is like the OG MvC3 guide – it’s a thorough, 400 page examination of a new game. It includes full frame data and a thorough look at every non-exclusive launch character by dudes who have played a whole helluva lot of these games.

BradyGames didn’t do the SSFIV guide.

Can you buy a guide like this at gamestop?
Also can you get a discount on them in anyway?

Amazon 12 dollars + shipping (free if your total order is over 25):

ahh ok, thanks for the clarifaction, but they did to my white knight guides…and their pretty terrible…

I preordered mine when I found out it existed. The Gamestop guys know me by name now, and I’m hoping I can parlay that into a job there :stuck_out_tongue:

The Super Street Fighter IV guide wasn’t very good because the guide was published by Prima in which we know that every guide that Prima printed had a ridiculous amount of errors.