Street Fighter x Tekken Special Edition Disc VS Regular

I know the SE comes with a voucher for the DLC gems. Are the discs the same otherwise?

I was thinking about buying a used copy of the SE then realized that if the previous owner used the DLC - it might be exactly the same as the regular version (aside from coin bank and comic book)

Any SE owners out there who can answer my question? Thanks!

The comic book and plastic piggy bank are the only differences other than the DLC gems that come with it. Even DLC characters are not included…I would hope Gamestop isnt charging a lot for used copies of it.

The SE version has more gems but the code for that expired quite some time ago. When I got it I was happy with the SE. Bigger box, a mini arcade cabinet that can be used as a piggy bank and a comic. No DLC chars though. The discs are EXACTLY the same. Hope you didn’t pay much for 'em.

aha! so even if I bought it new the code has expired??? that’s a bummer. thanks for the heads up then.

I bought the nordic edition for PS3 a couple of weeks ago and even though the codes were expired they worked normally. Still it might be risky.

I just tried contacting Capcom and Gamestop to see what they have to say…

Here’s what happened:

I played SFxT on my Xbox 360 and updated it to 2013. I purchased SFxT Special Edition, I put it in my system and it showed that it was version 2013. The Special Edition Complete Gem Pack voucher worked! Upon closer inspection, it says:

“Must download by 12/31/2099”

I could only hope to be playing SFxT in 2099!