Street fighter X Tekken team building ideas


hello i am a player who has ideas for sfxt teams and ways of using them! each team must use certain gems and each char must need a purpose and be able to pull there weight around,…find a balance in the chars ;


I am going to be blunt here and say that what you have written is unfortunately a jumbled wall of text. Even if you have good ideas or concepts with the lack of paragraphs and punctuation it becomes almost impossible to read.


I know I will come off as rude or belligerent but as I think you misunderstood what I meant in regards to legibility I took the liberty to reformat your post to show you what I meant and hopefully help with any discussion of your ideas.
Note: I tried to keep the text as close to the original as possible to avoid the risk of changing its original meaning so some sentences may still sound strange.

Hello, I am a player who has had some ideas for SFxT teams and how to use them!
Each team must use certain gems and each character must need a purpose and be able to pull their weight find a balance in the characters.

-Hit and Run teams
-Both characters - 2 immense power, 1 divine speed.
This team setup needs you to have a character who can fight grapplers and deal with certain problems. The point char must have some damage like Ryu, Ken, Jin, Steve, Hwoarang, etc …
The second character must be able to run and play keep away while the main can recover a little. The whole idea is to use the attack gems to enable the first character to do heavy damage and tear apart the other team. When the first character is hurt and in danger you resort to the 2nd character to use his attack and speed gems to keep the other team at bay and to run away so that you can bring your main back in. The second character must be a good at keep away like Dhalsim, Sagat, Raven, Vega, Yoshimitsu etc.

**-Perfect Balance teams **(PB for short)
-Point character -1 life force, 1 immense power, 1 iron wall
-Second character -1 immense power, 1 divine speed, 1 proficiency.
This setup allows you to always be able to combo into high damage and to handle nearly ANY problem. This is probably the best choice! The point character needs to be able to do handle any problem and to be able to do many things such as keep away and rushdown etc… A balanced character like Ryu, Ken, Jin, Kazuya, Raven, Steve, etc… Be creative.
The second character must be able to hit HIGH damage to follow up after the point character. These characters have to be really strong like Marduk, Abel, Zangief, King, Hugo. The idea is to be able to do a lot and to always do high damage.

In my opinion your thoughts are correct but don’t offer much depth as your gem setups seem to be rather general. Gems to me are much more of a personal choice and are something that need to be figured out last, with a specific task to achieve in mind.
The way I see it is that two players with very similar play styles may have very different gem choices depending on what they want to achieve. For example covering for an early game weakness vs a specific character with gems or trying to setup gem activation to coincide with a character crippling combo…


Crap, gotta finish a good chunk of my team building guide tonight, cannot let someone beat me to the punch.

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haha thanks ALOT!! i really had problems fixing it but i plan to add some more